Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Settling in for the season...

 (Photos from our weekend, taken with Jenny's phone camera)

Although I am always explaining that the nature of our work means that we live at least a season or two ahead during the day, in the evenings and on the weekends we try to live in the moment and enjoy what the current season has to offer.

Jenny and I love to visit little antique shops and church sales - not only to "prop shop," but also just because it is in us to poke through the aisles, discovering hidden treasures. At this time of year, we also enjoy visiting local farm stands and fill a big basket with seasonal fruits and vegetables for our weekend suppers.

We don't do a lot of autumn decorating, but we do look forward to bringing out warm woolen blankets, tucking them into baskets in our living room in anticipation of that first chilly evening. I like to bake pies and tarts to cap off our Sunday dinners, and Jenny likes to hang a fall wreath on the door. They are simple nods to the season, but are comforting all the same.

As the AUTUMN issues continue to arrive in everyone's mailboxes over the next few weeks, we hope you enjoy curling up with them (with a nice cup of tea or coffee) and find inspiration amidst the pages to help you celebrate this colorful season. I will also soon be sharing more sneak peeks of our Matthew Mead Collection of housewares, and look forward to the imminent arrival of HOLIDAY 2011 on newsstands everywhere.



AUTUMN with Matthew Mead is sold only via this website. 
Have you ordered your copy yet?


  1. Yeah! I got an email confirmation that my Matthew Mead magazine is on its way...I can't wait to see it.

  2. sigh ... autumn in new england is wonderful.

    elyse (in RI)

  3. I received my copy of Autumn late last week. I enjoyed reading it during TS Lee, and it gave me something fun to do while we weathered the storm. Very inspirational, and I cannot wait to try a few of the recipes. My daughter wants me to make the Chocolate Pretzel Tart this week.

  4. Got mine in the mail last week and I LOVE it! It's the perfect accessory for my fall decor.

  5. rec'd my issue yesterday and it is wonderful!!!

  6. Beautiful photos! I love autumn; it is my favorite season. But living in SE Asia..well, we don't really have fall! Wish we did. So instead, I make our house festive and pretend that indeed we have a fireplace.


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