Friday, August 5, 2011

Reaching Out...

I strive to make a real effort to support others in the industry but often fear (due to the demands of my hectic schedule) that I fall flat. I am inspired by so much that is going on around the worldwide web and I usually don't have much opportunity to really get to meet people.  So, this spring we are launching a very special VINTAGE STYLE edition of HOLIDAY WITH MATTHEW MEAD,  and I am really looking to include people all over North America in this very special issue. In the fall, I will be reaching out to find antiques dealers, bloggers, collectors, decorators, chefs, and shop owners to include for our fresh look at vintage style and flea markets.  I am specifically looking for folks who have a unique look at the world and who "walk to the beat of their own drum."  I am longing to show something different and fresh and want to give some new people the opportunity to have a voice and a visually beautiful resumé that they can use to advance their careers.  And I really look forward to meeting some interesting, kindred spirits  along the way and hear about their inspiration and ideas and the story of how they live their lives.  It is going to be such an exciting adventure which I hope you will stay tuned for we kick our search into high gear this September!It is truly a STAR SEARCH! 
I hope you will put yourself out there to be FOUND!!
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  1. Matthew, I adore vintage style. Unfortunately, we do not live near any great resources for vintage finds. So I find images of vintage stuff and paint the images to bring vintage into my home. In my last two paintings, one had a vintage mercury glass candlestick, and another one had a vintage French jam jar. I know it is cheating, but I have yet to make it to Roundtop, Brimfield, Scott's, or the Rose Bowl markets. It is my dream to attend Roundtop one day!

    I am really looking forward to your Vintage Style issue. I bet there will be lots of inspiration for my art!

    ~Ricki Jill

  2. Hello Matthew,

    What a fabulous and generous idea!!!!!

    Janet xox

    PS...I love to take vintage linens and fabrics and turn them into couture aprons, which end up being little works of art....too lovely to cook in, but great for the apron collector. Vintage fabrics are so fabulous to work with!

  3. What a fun idea! I LOVE vintage style and cannot wait to get this magazine on my hands! I love everything you have done. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. is the link to our shop DISTRACTION. It is a yarn boutique,vintage, and salvage shop in historic Mineral Point Wisconsin. We would love to be part of your new magazine!

  5. We host a Barn Sale each Spring and Fall. All items must be handmade or vintage and we get a great crowd! At the last one we had 18 vendors and are planning for more this Fall. The upcoming sale is Oct. 1. Here's our little Facebook page -!/pages/Hesston-KS-Barn-Sale/143612805676778

    ~Beki - TheRustedChain

  6. LOVE it!

    If you wait to follow my blog heres a link! ( PLEASE DO! LOL =)


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