Monday, August 8, 2011

My Favorite Shop to Share...

My own home decor collection is coming to a computer screen near you in the next few weeks and I am so excited about it!  There will be a beautiful e-commerce site (which is currently under construction) with some of my very favorite and most stylish "go-to" accessories and home goods to help you entertain your friends and family all year long. There will also be a blog and videos to show you all of the versatile ways to use these props, as well as a way for you to share your favorite ideas in a special section called "STYLE SCHOOL."
I've worked on just such a concept for the last few years and now, with a lot of help from some very talented people, we will be able to bring you beautiful reproductions of my "one of a kind" props inspired by those in my prop house.  If you are like me, you scan magazines for those interesting ideas and items that you can unearth at your own thrift store or flea market. I know many times magazines have inspired my treks to places like Brimfield to unearth items that I've coveted in house tours and "how-to" stories.  Our e-commerce site will have the items that I most prize from those trips -- in great colors and finishes -- and will be coordinated with seasonal decorating and entertaining concepts. It is more than just a "shopping site," however, I hope you see it as a way for us to continue to connect and enjoy all the fun that goes with sprucing up the house, preparing special meals, and entertaining friends and family all year long. My goal is to cover all of the decor categories, and while our first collection will be geared towards holiday, it will also have versatile everyday items that you will want to display and use over and over again.  It will be called  THE MATTHEW MEAD COLLECTION  and amidst all of the information we will provide on styling these items, you will get to tour my home, my studio, my prop house, and all of my very favorite places to uncover inspiration. It is going to be great and I can't wait.
Stay tuned!



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  1. Fabulous!! Can't Wait!!


  2. How exciting Matthew!!

    Janet xox

  3. I just grabbed your button ;P

    I look forward to seeing your collection, Matthew. Congratulations!

  4. Wow, so very exciting and a big congratulations to you! You have such a wonderful sense of style and now all of us can share in that thanks to your new line!

    Kat :)

  5. Hello Matthew, I finally had to go out and get another copy of your Entertaining Simple book because my newlywed daughter was always borrowing mine! We both look forward to seeing your new collection and the fresh, inventive ways that the items can be used.
    Warmly, Barbara.

  6. Those glasses look amazing! I can't wait to see the rest of the collection! I see some great Christmas presents ahead of me!

  7. Matthew, I love your style, and I am really hoping you have some blue and white transfer ware in your collection someday because I loved the magazine spread you did on your collection a while ago!


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