Friday, August 12, 2011

AUTUMN Is Almost Here!

We have had the best time gathering all of our favorite Autumn ideas into one beautiful volume for you, and while there is plenty of HALLOWEEN in store, the magazine has other fun features on food, entertaining, and decorating your home.  Fall is really a time for projects -- when cooler air lets us take advantage of moving furniture around, painting a wall, or day-long craft pursuits.  We have some wonderful contributors like my dear friend Emelie Tolley and her ideas for fall cocktails.  Tricia Foley invited us back to Long Island for an outdoor autumn party filled with delicious recipes that can be used for both casual gatherings and as side dishes for Thanksgiving dinner.  We've got inspirational ideas from bloggers like Stephanie Nielsen (Nie Nie),  a Halloween gathering from artist Johanna Parker, easy seasonal crafts to make, and lots of ideas for reviving furniture and making your own lamps and shades.  And be sure to check out the ads as well: they will tell you how to get your hands on some great home products as well as how to order our HOLIDAY issue and escape to San Diego in February for a wonderful crafting weekend with us at the RandR event It's a great upcoming season and we want to be your guidebook for all of it.  
Be sure to pop in next week for some AUTUMN sneak peeks and fabulous give-aways!!

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