Monday, July 18, 2011

All the news that's fit to print!!

Dear Friends,
We've been so busy of late and I know that I have dropped lots of hints of what is to come for us. So now, in the midst of travel, and shooting, and planning, I want to come totally clean on our future.
1. Time Inc. is publishing our Holiday series in a seasonal way just as we had planned, but the big news is that it will be sold on newsstands throughout the United States and Canada.  HOLIDAY 2011 will be ready before October 31 and will feature many, many amazing bloggers that you have come to know and love.  We are excited to bring you a super-sized issue with lots of colorful projects that will make your holiday season filled with the best decor, gift ideas, and delicious foods to make every moment of the season special.
2. In conjunction with the HOLIDAY issue, we are launching a product line of beautiful home goods that will help you celebrate and entertain with style and ease.  These items are reproductions of props from my own collection - items that I have gathered and prized and used in many of my own personal celebrations.  The first items, available in October, will be launched via a full service e-commerce site called THE MATTHEW MEAD COLLECTION.  This site will include a blog, great ideas for entertaining, how-to videos, and ways for you to interact with me.  The collection will launch with a few of my very favorite pieces, with additional items added for Spring, Summer, etc.  We will be doing some major giveaways with these home accessories to get them in your hands and hear your reactions.
3. Our Spring issue of MATTHEW MEAD (with Time Inc.) will be available on newsstands in March or April of 2012 and will focus on Vintage Style. I am no stranger to gathering props from yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets; so, as you can imagine, this issue will be a very special collector's edition. 
We are doing something very fresh and innovative with this spring issue:  

We are beginning an all-out search for  MATTHEW MEAD'S TOP TEN VINTAGE-STYLE LUMINARIES.  That means we will be canvassing NORTH AMERICA for bloggers, dealers, shop keepers, artists, crafters, chefs, show promoters, etc. and the top nine will be given full page features within the magazine (and we will also feature their very favorite vintage style haunt).  The Number One top winner will not only be given a large feature, but we will use the magazine and our contacts to help establish a platform in publishing and an entree to product development, video presence and more.  
How does it work?
You can nominate yourself, or someone that you think is MATTHEW MEAD'S NEXT STYLE LUMINARY.  Look for more details to follow, but you can begin by "liking" our upcoming (i.e. under construction) MATTHEW MEAD'S NEXT STYLE LUMINARY page on Facebook and start preparing a YOUTUBE video to showcase and share your style for your entry into the contest.
Keep watching for more details to come!!


AUTUMN with Matthew Mead is sold only via this website. 
Have you ordered your copy yet?


  1. SO exciting!!! I am definitely going to buy some items from that collection! I just know it!

  2. So much news my piece that makes me very excited is that you will be at The Creative Connection! I will be there too with the fabulous looking forward to meeting you. Happy dance! xoxoxo

  3. waiting..... waiting..... cue Jeopardy theme.... ;0)


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