Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To Market We Go...

 Christine Chitnis, the winner of our holiday home tour contest for our Holiday 2010 issue, reached out to us with her good news that she has had a book published! We are happy to share her news and a little background about her book, Markets of New England, which highlights fifty of the most unique and vibrant farmers markets and art events in the region.

Writes Christine:  " Combining my love of writing, photography, and travel, I set out to unearth the top fifty markets- both farmer’s markets and art markets- in New England for my first book, Markets of New England (The Little Bookroom, May 2011).  Although this was to be a travel book, I wrote it with a greater purpose in mind.

When we use our collective consumer power to support artisans—beekeepers, cheese mongers, weavers, and woodworkers—we are insuring that our communities remain unique, thriving places to live. In this age of big-box stores and mass-produced items, it has become all the more important to invest in our local economy. . . one artist, one farmer, one shop at a time.


People worldwide are discovering the immense pleasure that can be had by living a thoughtful life full of farm-fresh food and handmade possessions.  This return to the “good life” is reflected in our increasing interest in buying locally grown and produced goods, and there is no better place to ‘shop local’ than at neighborhood farmer’s markets and art events."

We love that Christine is promoting artisans, and as a New Englander myself, I think Christine's book is a must-have book to add to my collection! 
Look for this cover:

 (all images courtesy Christine Chitnis, and used with permission)


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Have you ordered your copy yet?

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  1. My "Summer" book arrived today in Nova Scotia, CANADA!!! Wow that was fast!!! Wanted to let you know how fast it came this time, now I need to go curl up with it and enjoy!!!


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