Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweets for the Sweet...

If you have recieved your copy of SUMMER, you may be intrigued by the tiny sweets showcased in the feature, Toy Story, on pages 42-51.Created by novelty baker Marion Cardwell-Ferrer, each treat is a miniature edible version of many of the popular treats we all crave. Tiny ice-cream sandwiches, fudge pops, bite-sized cakes, petite cupcakes. 

(Marion's 9 year-old daughter, Maya, presents tiny cupcakes baked in condiment cups)

And the most delightful thing of all? Most are not what they appear to be. Instead of real ice-cream, you will find Marion's signature creamy fudge inside each little sandwich, cakes are made from stacked, iced Oreos(TM), and mini ice-cream cones are created using Tuile cookies filled with sweet frosting. 

Marion's personal journey to this new world of minitaure baked goods reads as a charming story, one which you will find in the pages of SUMMER, and you can find the recipes and how-tos for making the featured tiny treats yourself over at her blog.  

Titled Marion's Vintage Bakeshop, this blog will feature "52 weeks of miniature vintage treats"with directions for how to make each one. So head on over and visit Marion and bookmark her blog! Stay awhile and read about her extensive experience as a sought-after baker (her wedding cakes have been featured in Bride's Magazine) and pop on over to her other website Sincredibles, where full-scale baked items are "on the menu."

Summer with Matthew Mead is sold only via this website. 
Have you ordered your copy yet?


  1. Mini treats are perfect for those of us on diets trying to lose those last five pounds! Love it.

    ♥ sécia

  2. I received my copy yesterday - it's wonderful, pure eye candy! I intend to try out several recipes for my son's graduation party - we all love iced tea, so I plan to have a few different flavors. And my first grape tomatoes are about ripe, so they'll be used too.

    One of the best things is that I received one of the golden tickets - I emailed as instructed on the back, but don't know what I won yet :-) I didn't even know about them (I've got blinders on sometimes, lol) ... I can't wait to see what it is!


  3. Holy cuteness! These all look so delicious and the images are just plain fabulous!
    Have a good day.

  4. Thanks everyone! Please stop by and say hi on my blog!

  5. The mimi cupcakes in condiment cups are such a great idea. What is the difference in the baking time??


  6. What pretty, petite sweets! I pinned them on my pinterest board so more people would find your pics.

    If you would rather I didn't, just contact me via the addy posted on the footer of my website and I'll take it right down.

    Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

  7. When baked in the ketchup cups, does the paper stick to mini cupcakes? Just wondering.

    1. Even if it did, you can stretch out the sides of the cups to detach the cake....

  8. So beautiful liitle treats, just perfect for little girl's princess parties!!!

  9. The mini cupcakes are a cute idea. What is the difference in the baking time??


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