Monday, May 2, 2011

A Holiday Getaway...and the Golden Tickets!!

Do you like travel?

Do you feel like everyone but you went away on vacation this year?

Do you like to take to the skies?

Do you wish you could take in The Creative Connection Event, blogging conferences, or just a shopping trip to New York City?

Do you have a friend or loved one you'd like to surprise with an impromptu visit?

(I am sure you have answered yes to at least one of these questions!)

In the spirit of all things HOLIDAY, and to thank our many supporters and readers, we have something BIG to tell you about SUMMER with Matthew Mead. Because we value each and every one of you, we thought it would be FUN to enter you into a secret contest never before revealed until NOW!!

So...taking a page from good old Willy Wonka, Matthew has created GOLDEN TICKETS and will randomly insert them into TEN of the magazines - which have just finished being printed and are now ready to be mailed out this week!! 

So, if you have already ordered your magazine OR if you order before noon on Friday, May 6th, you will be in the group eligible to win one of the TEN tickets!!

Nine of the GOLDEN TICKETS will be printed with (and redeemable for) one of the following fantastic prizes:

 and ONE lucky golden ticket recipient will win the grand prize of a $1000 Visa travel card to fly anywhere they like until the cash value is all used up!

So, have you ordered your copy of SUMMER with Matthew Mead yet? If not, don't miss out on this amazing contest and your chance to win!! Go here to purchase!

And watch out for those golden tickets!!!


Summer with Matthew Mead is sold only via this website.
Have you ordered your copy yet?


  1. Well call me Charlie and send that golden ticket my way! Hmm, chocolate factory or visa credit...hard call.
    I love that you did this. So fun

  2. Love the idea! Hope I'm as lucky as Charlie was! Can't wait to find out and can't wait to get my magazine!

  3. Are you kidding me?!!
    This is AWESOME!
    My fingers and toes are crossed so tightly I'm losing circulation!!!
    Thank you so much for this great opportunity!
    I can't wait to receive my magazine!


  4. Love this!!! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my daughter Ella's favourite movie! She is as excited as I am to see the new magazine and now she can get excited about finding a golden ticket! I may even slip one in (though that means making one, not my best skill) and let her win some cash!

  5. squeeeallll! I can't wait to receive my copy! I was gonna pour over each & every page but now I'll have to quickly run through to find my ticket (tee hee)!! and THEN go back & savour each page! :)

  6. I'm so excited to receive my copy! And I hope my mailman doesn't take my golden ticket!!

  7. Fabulous Giveaway Matthew!
    My son just moved to Austin, TX ... we're in New York!
    Boy, will we miss him! Airfare would be a GREAT prize!
    Thank you*

  8. This makes the anticipation of the arrival of my copy of the magazine even more magical. This is so generous of you!

  9. That is soooooo awesome !!
    What an amazing giveway !!


  10. sounds fantastic Matthew! another great idae, fingers crossed....


  11. WOW..this is glad I found your blog from Miss Mustard seed. Now following and keeping everything crossed!

  12. Just bought it.....thanks to Stephanie (nienie)....been thinking about getting it, and the contest won me over. Speaking of winning!

  13. you guys are WW chocolate factory yummy!
    keeping my fingers crossed...

  14. You are one smart "chocolatier" dear Matthew. ;) Can't wait for the Summer issue to arrive!

  15. yay! way to make all your readers rush out to the mailbox and rip open their packages! can you imagine filming that? :) xoxo


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