Thursday, April 28, 2011

Looking Mother's Day!!

 Want to gift your mother or a special woman in your life (yes, even yourself!) with something special this Mother's Day?
Matthew has some great ideas for inexpensive but beautiful gifts...

Who said the best things in life aren't (nearly) free?

New ideas for Mother's day needn't be expensive or hard to make.
(clockwise from top left:)

Scrapbook paper dresses up a beverage tote to create a very special and personalized picnic - with space for a drink, sandwich, piece of fruit and a gift.  Fill vintage bottles with pretty flowers from the grocery store.  Tie bottles with scraps of floral fabric and attach vintage rhinestone jewelry and a tag with a special note.  Crab salad is a special but simple brunch treat served up in single votive cups nestled in ice.  Dress up a "healthful" dark chocolate bar with scrapbook paper, ribbon, and decal letters.

For a decorative project, paint a shapely old metal tray and make magnets with mini cast-off saucers and butter pats and mini magnets  from the hardware store.  Dress up with vintage pics, old notes and mementos from the special times you've spent with mom.  
Celebrate with a sundae - made with wild blueberry ice cream topped with blueberry jam and ground graham crackers - for a simple, but refreshing dessert.

That was easy!!


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  1. I love the picnic ideas! Would be fun on a sunny porch! Anxiously awaiting my issue!

  2. Every mother deserves a special day and these ideas are perfect.
    Lovely post as usual!!!

  3. graham crackers!?! that's something i never thought to use as a topping and it sounds perfect and nearly pie-like, double yum!


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