Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An afternoon with Tricia Foley...

Early this spring, while shooting a feature for SUMMER with Matthew Mead, my assistant, Sally, and I traveled to Long Island to shoot designer Tricia Foley's beautiful home. I have known Tricia for some time, having met through our mutual friends Mary Emmerling and Emelie
Tolley, and from having worked together on a project for Wedgewood. Tricia is
someone who I have always admired. To me, she invented "white" and all the wonderful layers and textures of neutral and natural decorating that go with this truly serene style.  Shooting her house was a natural choice, and one that simply pleased me beyond words when she agreed.

The results are spectacular, and her story - written with Sarah Egge - is so engaging and beautiful. It is what I call the "central feature" of our summer magazine and you will be delighted to learn more about this wonderful designer. Our feature corresponds with Tricia's expansion of her work:  the recent launch of an e-commerce site that features the items she sells twice a year via her pop-up store, THE NEW GENERAL STORE, and held at her Long Island home.

(I will be at the spring show, May 21st and 22nd  with some of my very own favorite vintage pieces for sale and, of course, signed copies of SUMMER.)

Sally and I were honored to be Tricia's house guests during the shoot and we were treated to many lovely meals in her casually elegant home. Delicious brewed tea in pristine, white tea pots, freshly made granola, jams, and honey - all served on delicate, white china plates (each with their own story and pedigree), and accompanied by  the most beautiful imported linens I have ever had the pleasure of touching.  

 It was more like a very special getaway than hard work on a photo shoot. I decided to take some quick shots of the meal and table setting which we enjoyed right before our departure - and while the food was every bit as scrumptious as the shots, enjoying the warmth and hospitality of Tricia, herself, was simply unforgettable. 

With the launch of THE NEW GENERAL STORE, you, too, can experience all of the signature beauty and elegant simplicity of Tricia Foley - designer, stylist and expert - in your own home, with a collection of quality specialty items gathered by Tricia just for you. 

So, what am I ordering? 
I am ordering the Fog Linen napkins to add to my entertaining pantry and the seasonal jams, which not only make great gifts, but are perfect for upcoming summer brunch gatherings.

Check out her shop and stop by and say hello to Tricia at her personal blog:  In the Country and the blog for The New General Store
Summer with Matthew Mead is sold only via this website. 
Have you ordered your copy yet?


  1. I am so excited about this magazine and Tricia's event. I am going to be attending with my best girlfriends - we are going to make it a day out. Can't wait! Lori

  2. i'm so jealous you have an entertainment pantry!

  3. I am a huge fan of you and Tricia from Country Home, among other places. I can't wait to see her home in the magazine. I know it will not disappoint!

    Now, can I tell you how much I loved Holiday?

    It. Was. Amazing!

    Beats any other magazine out there by a mile.
    I just know Summer will be just as great or better. So much of the content in magazines right now (especially the special features issues) is too cluttery, too much flea market stuff not done well, and too much of the same. I hate it when publishers try to feed you the same stuff every year and pretend it is "new". What a rip-off! To be honest, I have given up on spending my hard earned money on fluff like that.
    Thank you for showing us that great style is still out there and that you "get" what we are looking for and giving it to us with more modern ideas and without, dare I say, all the crap! I don't know where some so called style experts get their taste but some of it is just a regurgitation of styles that have been in for far too long!

    Well, sorry for the monologue but I jsut feel passionately on the issue! :~)

    Now to get back to the waiting game for my much anticipated summer issue!!!!!!



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