Monday, March 7, 2011

Quality Control...

 (mock cover...)

With our noses to the grindstone this week we are very mindful of our looming April deadline to submit all of our stories, photos, layouts - all beautifully combined to create finished and polished stories to fill the pages of Summer with Matthew Mead - we are also focused on one important goal: quality. With so many magazines having suffered fateful demises, we are keenly aware that in order to thrive in this market you have to deliver quality on every level. Matthew, after a long history with Country Home, knows what sells, what readers want, and what they don't want, too. Some time ago, when I was doing a little research pre-Holiday, I  polled my own blog readers on the topic and their answers held a common theme: readers want less ads, more fresh content, gorgeous photos, beautiful and unique homes and locations, project ideas, deliciously easy recipes, and less fluff.

As I have come to know Matthew both on a professional level and as a friend, I know it is issues like these that he agonizes over as he plans and produces every page of Holiday. Matthew is mindful that readers often consider magazines to be a welcome luxury - eagerly awaited, but a luxury all the same. In this economy, publishers and editors and everyone who works in this industry knows that they have to fight to remain currrent and worthy of the cover price. In turn, Matthew painstakingly works on the feature stories - showcasing fresh color, style, and design that isn't found in every other magazine on newstands. To Matthew, the element of surprise is so important, and he scrutinizes each and every image that makes it into each issue of Holiday, shooting and re-shooting so that everything meets his high standards. Thoughtful quality - from each written word, image, and recipe to the paper quality and color saturation of the inks - is at the top of our agenda, ultimately creating a spectacular experience for our readers.

And in the past, when publishers sometimes lost patience with Matthew because he would dig in his heels and refuse to settle on the quality of his features, he would be rewarded with the feedback from his readers who reinforced his knowledge that acting on his longing to make everthing the best it can be and push the process leads to the quality that his readers have come to expect and appreciate.  And although creating a magazine is not as glamorous and fun as you might imagine (it is a lot of hard work!), it feels so good to know that as a team we delivered our best and it is reflected back at us when we open the cover for the first time. 

Indeed, Summer with Matthew Mead is created after an intensive process of striving to please you, the reader. We would love to hear your thoughts on what you expect from a magazine and what makes you take it to the checkout.



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  1. "Quality" is not taken for granted. Having expectations and a high bar is what sets your work apart from so many others. It is such considerate thoughtfulness of us - the reader...and it is so very appreciated.
    Thank you for such standards.

  2. You know how exciting this all sounds....we can count on you for another amazing publication by friend. xoxoxo

  3. Morgan PocorobbaMarch 7, 2011 at 4:30 PM

    I'm assuming this is a different catalog than the Spring one.. I still haven't gotten my Spring.. I ordered 3!

  4. Morgan, the spring issue is actually the summer one. We sell it in the spring and it arrives right around Mother's Day...but full of SUMMER inspiration.

  5. HOLIDAY sits proudly on my bookshelf. An exceptional magazine full of inspiration and beauty. All of the hard work and dedication to creating a quality product is appreciated every time I turn one of its pages. Thank you!

  6. The evidence of what you speak can be seen in the winter issue. Stunning, clever, so much fun to read. You guys have a wonderful team. Can't wait to see what you've got cooking for summer! I'm especially looking forward to the photos of my friend Meg's house. It's so bright and fun. It looks perfect for back yard parties.


    Crystal b

  7. Will it include summer luncheon (for my mom, sisters and daughters) ideas? I would love ideas on decorating to make it fun and special.

  8. Wondering how you're going to surpass the last one, but I bet you will lol! What I love is all the beauty! Yes, the thick pages are wonderful, the photos amazing, the ideas too, are great! I love the class! Putting your best foot forward, like you've done all along! Its got a good, friendly feel. Can't wait for mine! I have it reserved :-)

  9. We are doing a beautiful summer luncheon party with Stephanie Nielson of the Nie Nie blog... it will be full of beautiful, simple ideas for throwing just such a party... we are excited about working with Nie Nie again... Best, Matthew

  10. Your 'work' is truly lovely - a star in the sky - something for us readers to aspire to. I look forward to more of your abundant inspiration in the pages ahead and to more dreaming, dreaming...Thanking you for bringing such exciting beauty into our daily life, and wishing you all at Holiday with Matthew Mead a beautiful day!

  11. Less ads? Don't people know that selling ad space helps pay to publish this gorgeous magazine?
    btw, I read ads.

  12. Wow, I love the cover!!! I love the yellow and I'm so ready for spring and summer! I will have to order this week!!!

  13. I just did yay!!!! & so looking forward to recieving it :)))) Loved all your others I got via Lara from A Vintage Touch now I don't have to keep pestering her roll on April.


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