Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Special Guest Star is.....

i'm Meg and i blog over at whatever.
i don't use capital letters unless i am trying to show you that someone is shouting
so for today....matthew mead's website is going to have unproper capitalization.
it's not him it's me.


linda asked me to post today about what my experience has been working with the magazine for my piece in SUMMER.
it's kind of a funny thing to ask because the difference in my piece and all the others.....
have to  get to do it all myself.
they asked me if i'd be willing to photograph my home and family for the magazine and send it to them.

i enjoyed my time on the phone with linda but when i hung up i thought "wait.....WHAT?"

here are thoughts that have entered my mind during this process:

"i have no idea what i am doing"

"i have no clue what to do"

"i am not a magazine photographer.....i don't know what i am doing"

do you notice a theme?

it's called insecurity/fear/doubt/inexperience/terror.

THEN i decided that was stupid and i should move past it.
linda and matthew had seen my photography on my blog....they knew what i shoot like....they know me....they ASKED ME!

i got busy.

the awesome part of doing it yourself is you can do all the work with crazy hair and in your jammies.
you don't even have to brush your teeth!

you can clean up one small area and ignore the mess in the rest of the house.
and it will not show in the photos.

linda told me that my piece would more like a day-in-the-life style
as opposed to look-at-my-house-isn't-it-so-clean-and-perfect kind of piece.


because my house is hardly that clean and it surely never perfect.
i have five children.


we love to make art together.
we eat a lot.
we are loud and (they) are pretty rambunctious.

to be honest i was relieved to not have a crew coming in to shoot because it's hard to deal with your family in the midst of that.
cleaning your house and keeping five kids in line at the same time is really difficult.

although....i would love to see my home and family through someone else's lens.
that is always so interesting to me.


i sent the photos to matthew.
or i tried.
i am not as internet savvy as i may appear.
it wouldn't work so i snail mailed him the disks of photos.....OLD SCHOOL.

i have no idea where it will go from here.
maybe they will say "these are awful" and not use any of it?
maybe it will be the most amazing piece in all of magazine history?!

or maybe it will be just right?

no matter what happens with it....i had fun.

it was fun to make my rooms look good and to dress up my kids and catch a sparkle in their eye.


it was fun to make smoothies while my friend took my picture.

it was FUN talking on the phone with linda and matthew!

thanks SUMMER magazine for fulfilling a dream of working with a magazine!
you have my heart forever.


 **Matthew here: For the record, Meg's shots are fabulous!! She did an amazing job and we can't wait for you all to see her story. Her fun approach to life and her love for her family is contagious.
Thanks, Meg!!!
 Summer with Matthew Mead is sold only via this website. 
Have you ordered your copy yet?


  1. That is very sweet, indeed! Working from home in jammies & funny hair is the best!

    Happy Spring, I am definitely looking forward to Summer.

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Great clock!

  2. well meg...congratulations -- can't wait, simply can't wait. i am so sure it will be everything & more. and in you honor -- no upper case letter...except, YEA for you!

  3. Meg sounds like a fun person! (oh I forgot, no shouting) i love how she made it fun by overcaming her doubts about the cleanliness of her home and her ablility to take a proper photo. can't wait to see the magazine feature.

  4. How wonderful. I love real life and all the color in your photos.

  5. Oh ya Meg looks like alot of fun! Can't wait to read about her, her fam and her colorful home. YOU GO MEG...YOU WORK IN THOSE JAMMIES!!!

  6. So excited to see the fabulous-ness that is your life, Meg. Can't wait to see your awesome photos and beautiful home and family!

  7. see? doesn't surprise me in the least that meg rocked the shots. man, we are hardest on ourselves....aren't we? i also, don't use capitals when blogging or commenting on blogs. but in regular life i do. does that make online life, irregular?'s all good. :) looking forward to seeing all the pictures!!!!

  8. can't wait to read the piece! and meg, i totally hear you about the capitalization and punctuation. as a freelance writer/copy editer, i have to do all that when i work. so when i'm not working, i don't. i'm sure my e-mails drives my friends and family crazy. ;)

  9. I want Meg in your magazine ALL OF THE TIME
    oh how this lady makes me smile

  10. Can't wait to see it, Im sure it is fabulous!

  11. Meg is following her blog. Can't wait to see her in your magazine!

  12. Meg!! I can't wait to see what you came up with for Holiday. You have such and eye, and I love the way you portray your life through your lens. Such beauty in the everyday.

    You DO know what you are doing!!!!!

    Don't wear that cute sweater when you visit Sug. or I will steal it from you. :)

  13. Looking forward to checking out SUMMER magazine. Thanks Meg.

  14. How fun! I'm looking forward to seeing it!!

  15. Love me some Meg and the rest of the gang! I always smile reading her stories about her children...her little Annie reminds me so much of my Lexi. They would be great friends!

    Love your magazine last year and will love it this year...just need to order it but I will, I promise!

  16. great post... and i look forward to receiving summer issue... i ordered it today and will pass the word along.. xx pam

  17. Thanks for introducing yourself to us Meg- I have enjoyed hearing your story- I can't wait to see your spot in the magazine!
    I went over to your blog... I love your openness and honesty. I have bookmarked your blog and will be back.
    Blessings to you today!

    Matthew: Thanks for sharing Meg with us!

  18. These photos are amazing. I love the colors!


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