Monday, March 28, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Stephanie Nielson's photo shoot!

What a whirlwind week!!

After flying into Boston and some quick prop shopping for our Provo shoot with Stephanie Nielson, we headed back to New Hampshire and Matthew's studio to finish up my feature for the magazine. On Tuesday morning, we flew into Salt Lake City and headed off for Provo, still undecided about our location for the shoot. Luckily, Jessica Bennett of the gorgeous design studio Alice Lane, helped us out with the perfect location.

On Wednesday morning, Wendy Hyde of The Shabby Nest blog arrived to assist us with the 1001 tasks we had to achieve in the less than 24 hrs until the shoot. As Wendy and Matthew headed off to Whole Foods for fresh flowers and the organic ingredients for the delicious treats to be served at the party, Jenny and I flew about town scratching off things on the to-do list. Later, we all met back to chop vegetables, do the food prep and ready the flowers. 

Wendy Hyde removes thorns from the roses...

The afternoon found us on location and Matthew styled the "set," Jenny took test shots, and Wendy and I made multiple trips to and from the car toting supplies and basically doing anything we could to ready the location for our guests the next day.

After another very early start, we headed over to the location on Thursday and finished preparing the food, planning shots, and tending to table favors, flowers, and basically a million other tasks that had to be done at the last minute. With no time to break for lunch, our stomachs growled as we gazed at the gorgeous food that awaited Stephanie and her sisters.

As all of the ladies arrived, the food was brought out and served and the space was filled with the laughter and teasing that comes with women who know each other well.

  Courtney (aka Cjane) was as funny and vivacious as she appears on her blog (and vlogs!). In fact, we were so delighted by how down-to-earth and welcoming each and every lady was and we felt like we, ourselves, were guests at a spirited gathering of funny women.

The women were natural models and the shoot component of the luncheon went amazingly quickly.

It was evident that as members of a camera toting family, the (née) Clark ladies know their camera angles!

Suzanne Clark holding her nephew, (Lucy Beesley's baby) Freddie

As for Stephanie, it was such a pleasure to finally meet her in person and give and receive hugs and warm greetings. Amid the hustle and bustle of the shoot, we shared with Stephanie the layouts and stories that can be found in this summer issue of the magazine and she shared our excitement about some surprising and wonderful news we received about the magazine while we in Utah. Stephanie is truly a genuinely warm, kind, beautiful, and gracious person and her style is unparalleled. We know you are going to LOVE this story and party and just as in the Holiday issue, Stephanie will have the last word on the final page of the issue.

And of course, we were thrilled to finally be able to pose for a photo with her!
Stephanie is a cherished member of our team and we can't wait to share with you her (and her sisters') great style!

I think it is fair to say, this was the most fun anyone should have on set at a photo shoot!!

 Courtney and I were a matching set: She was wearing Crystal B.'s yellow rose ring which is the mate to my Crystal B. yellow rose necklace. And the pretty dresses on the ladies? Many are beautiful Shabby Apple creations!



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  1. Loving your job makes life so much sweeter. I'm sure it will be reflected in the pages of Summer!

  2. This shoot looked like a lot of fun, sometimes I pinch myself when I am 'working' a gig like that. If you ever need any tabletop props, I have millions! Would love to help out...heck just come take whatever you want I need to make some room for more great finds.

    I am ordering Summer now, can't wait to see what beautiful surprises it holds.

  3. Happy dance...what a fun group. I am all smiles this morning! Thanks for sharing the jOY! xoxoxo Happy Monday.

  4. It was absolutely fabulous to work with you all! I had a wonderful time and can't wait to see the article all finished!!

  5. How fun! Love the photos, and the nice article. You all do amazing work.

  6. Very fun and Beautiful pictures :)

  7. I was instantly drawn in by the awesome photo at the top... what a fabulously composed photo! Love the "conversational pose" of the feet!

    Nothing but pure sister joy here... love it!
    I can feel the love and joy through the lens of the camera!

  8. Oh how lovely... can't wait to see the final shoot in the mag! Everyone looks like old friends! Glad you've have such fun shooting the features for Summer, it will make it all the more fun to read!
    I especially love the first photo of the mustard heels in conversation! Ha... I might have to find me some of those. ;)
    Warm summer wishes to you all!


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