Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What we've been up to...

This luscious lemon cake is born of a simple herbal container gardens... that is the kind of rich and expanded concept of container gardening that we explore in this new, colorful volume. 
Last summer amongst the craziness of decorating trees and wrapping packages for HOLIDAY, my team and I produced  and photographed an entire magazine on Container Gardening.  It will be out in the coming months and I am so pleased with the results.  You will discover all aspects of the container gardening lifestyle including cooking, decorating, easy growing and tending tips and special fairy gardens created just for children.  There are simply delicious herbal cocktails and tea cakes, beautiful patio gardens, window boxes, billowy hanging baskets and field trips to spectacular nurseries like SNUG HARBOR FARM in Kennebunk, Maine.  The best plants for mixed containers, urns and inside tips on soil, drainage and pretty ways to top off your plant pots...  I not only enjoyed the shooting of it all thoroughly, but have been totally enthralled with reliving it all through the photography these last few weeks of dark evenings and snowy afternoons.

Look for it on newsstands in April and try your hand at the easiest and most engaging form of gardening, ever.  
And stay tuned for more news from us very soon!!



  1. You bet I will be looking for it...sounds amazing! xo

  2. How lovely Matthew is this post, looking forward to the new issue as well.

    Lisa @ Lesapea xx

  3. It is my hope to do the majority of my gardening in containers this year. I'll be looking for this issue for sure!

  4. Hey Matthew,
    Just made a fresh pot of coffee and I am salivating over that cake up there!! You are such a tease ;-)

    Janet xox

    Looking forward to the new magazine

  5. Hey Matthew and team...BRING IT! Looking forward to the April issue, what a great concept!

  6. Hi Matthew, Jenni, Linda and the rest of the gang. I'm so looking forward to this issue! I need help with my urns. Why oh why don't you live down the street from me!!!!

  7. I keep coming back to check and see what you're doing now. Don't keep us in suspense, you know how impatient we all are!

  8. Hey Matthew,
    Just made a fresh pot of coffee and I am salivating over that cake up there!! You are such a tease

  9. Love the new look of the blog. Makes me want Spring and a Spring magazine to go along with it. I'll just have to wait patiently with everyone else :(

    PS Loved your "Holiday" book. The bus roll was amazing. Lucky Linda! Also, are you gonna have a blogger button so we can share the news of the magazine?

  10. Ah, daaah!!! Sorry, I see the blogger button right at the top! Jeeze! My eyes are a little blurry from spending too much time on the computer! My bad!


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