Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inside our walls...

I've received hundreds of phone calls since launching HOLIDAY this past year.  
And the thing about me is that I love answering the phone... I revel in the possibilities that might exist at the other end and as a result have had many, many delightful phone conversations.  I think readers forget that we are a very small group.  The studio, though it is spacious and filled with daylight, is basically two rooms.  Jenny, Lisa B., and Lisa R. and I each have carved out our own "temporary spaces" to hang (temporary because we shoot every inch of our building).  I have a rolling cart which I can move about and it holds my computer and stack of whatever I am working on.  The Lisas have an enormous work bench which I found years ago at an antiques shop and  had to rent a cube truck to tote home.  It is also on wheels so that it can be wheeled out of the way at a moment's notice.  The kitchen is the smaller of the two spaces: It has open shelves, lots of ironstone, and lots of pots, pans, and baking implements.  While it is very functional and usually big enough for all of our projects, it can sometimes can feel tight and cramped - much like a regular kitchen at the holidays.  This coming week we will be hosting a crew from the FOOD NETWORK.  We are part of an Easter special and we will be showing how to throw an Easter Egg decorating party.  As you can imagine, our tables and countertops are overflowing with compotes, cake stands, and bowls stacked high with colorful eggs in all degrees of decoration.  In the next few days there will be forced branches, fresh grass, and bunnies all about ushering in a very early spring for us.  I will likely unplug the phone that day due to taping (don't worry, there is voice mail) but will return to answering the line the next day between set styling, photos, and carefully editing the pages of SUMMER.  I won't say I get to answer every ring (there is sometimes a race for the phone!) but it might just be me eager to hear the possibilities and opportunities coming my way!

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  1. I adore Easter...can't wait to see it all!

  2. I'd love to visit your studio for a day and watch you shoot all your lovely photos. What fun that would be!!!!

  3. Next to Christmas Easter is my favorite time for decorating. I cant wait to see all of the great new ideas.

  4. So looking forward to all this!!
    Janet xox

  5. Love these images some of my favorite colors!

  6. Oh, what a happy thought for tomorrow... delightful Easter treats and decor piled high! A fresh, spring-like holiday in the middle of winter. Can't wait to see what images will be produced. Enjoy!

  7. We Love Easter too! It's nice also to hear that the Food Network is doing a new Easter special. Can't wait


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