Monday, December 20, 2010

Wrapped in Style...

(blogged by Linda MacDonald)

I have a love/hate relationship with wrapping gifts. I love and appreciate receiving beautifully wrapped presents and genuinely aspire to do so for those I give gifts to. My beloved Auntie Jean, who was one of the kindest souls ever to grace my life, always treated each and every gift with reverence - taking care not to rip the paper in which it was wrapped...which often resulted in a painstakingly slow process. We children would sit at her feet, trying to be patient while she opened her gifts and happily received the heaps of praise she sent our way for the "beautiful" way we wrapped them. 

Now, I can certainly hold my own when it comes to wrapping a pretty gift.
I just choose not to, for the most part.

When you have several children, and the many presents that goes along with that, you sometimes don't put your best effort forth on each and every gift to be wrapped. Perhaps you cut the paper too short and it doesn't quite reach the other side...and a sticky bow is all the dressing some will get.
Do the kids care? 
I doubt it; although I think girls care considerably more than boys! Regardless, I tend to only pull out all of the stops when wrapping and embellishing gifts for the special women in my life.

And of course Matthew. 
Because you don't send a gift Matthew Mead's way that doesn't sparkle with style and creativity!

And so, I make a concerted effort to learn from stylish gift wrappers like Matthew himself and loyal readers and blogging friends like Paige of Simple Thoughts...who wraps the most heavenly creations. Here are a few examples of the pretties that nestle beneath Paige's tree:

 (the following photos were used with Paige's permission):

Can you even imagine?
Did I mention that Paige has four daughters?
I bet they appreciate her efforts!!

And of course Matthew, who is no schlep when it comes to clever and gorgeous gift wrappings:

After all, you don't get to be editor of your own Holiday magazine by sticking presents in dollar store gift bags, now do you??!!! do you wrap your gifts?


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  1. I love a well wrapped gift. However I don't like doing it so much myself. I sometimes use brown craft paper or white. Embellished luggage tags are fun too. I do love getting into my vintage collection of rick-rack and seam bindings and use those for ribbon. Sometimes when I take the vtg rick-rack off it's old card, I feel bad and wonder, will the person appreciate it? bad.

  2. I love to wrap gifts. I love picking out the ribbon and the paper. I have a signature black and white striped wrapping paper that I use with red and lime and another small multi stripe. I use simple red, red and white dot grosgrain or wide white satin with a few packages in sparkly lime curling ribbon. I did a post on my packages if you would like to take a peek, here
    I love to look at how others wrap, love new and inspiring ideas. This blog is the perfect place to come for that, thanks to Mr. Mead!!!
    Merry Christmas,

  3. It depends upon the present! Helping wrap the gifts was one of my "chores" as a child each Christmas Eve. I'd spend the day shopping with my Swedish-American Daddy, Grandpa, and brothers and scooted off to help my mom and aunt wrap the presents before dinner, just as soon as we returned home. Immediately following dinner, we'd tear into all of the pretty packages. My eldest brother was/is the most persnickety when it comes to wrapping. I often hear his voice in my ear as I wrap gifts for my shop (which is one of my specialties)..."that's crooked!" he'd say, if he thought I was getting out of line...waha! : )

    Have a Blessed Christmas!

    : )

    Julie M.

  4. thank you linda!
    what an honor to be included with THE matthew!!
    you are such an encouragement to me

    happy wrapping xo

  5. I have become a real slackard where wrapping is concerned. How beautiful these gifts are and I think I'll follow your lead and do better with the special women in my life.

  6. I am a horrible wrapper, more like a roller and scruncher type of wrapper:) lol I just picked up your gorgeous book at a great little Antique Shop and LOVE it!!!!! Full of fabulous photos and great ideas! Merry Christmas to you and your family:)
    ~Debra XXX
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  7. My intentions are always you I do spend a little more time on the girls and women. We had to start early with parties this year and I've been wrapping as we head out the door. Not a good method. Thanks for the beautiful ideas!

  8. I'm terrible about wrapping. This year I put everything in gift bags to save time! I admire people who wrap beautiful presents, though, and coordinate the papers with the rest of their Christmas decor. So inspiring.

  9. i love wrapping! i usually wrap late at night in the basement with a christmas movie(s) playing! that's a must! i've decided to wrap the kids gifts with colored numbers. i hope they separate them into piles by number, then i'll tell them it's by color! oh, i hope it works! they all think they're so clever!
    love, love, love paige's wraps! i love the glitter on the labels!

  10. I wrap with whatever I can get my hands on!!! If have velvet ribbons and sparkly garland next to me, then that is what goes on!!! I do love to wrap in brown plain butcher paper and then balance it with sparkly things!! Your pizelles look yummy!

  11. Gosh, I love wrapping, looking at, getting, and giving beautifully and cleverly wrapped gifts! I have a sickness for ribbon and paper crafts and wrapping is the perfect outlet

  12. Paige is a rock star ! I love her! she's super talented too!

  13. PAIGE inspires me! She is such an amazing woman of the Lord, an amazing mom to her 4 beautiful girls, a wife that encourages ME to be a better wife - and she's crafty, creative and original ta boot!!

    Love her. Love Matthew...LOVE CHRISTMAS!


  14. i came over from paige's place. so beautiful here!

  15. Gift wrapping is truly an art and you seem to be master of it. But sometimes the wrapping are so beautiful that you are more interested in the outside of the gift than what is there in the box, lovely ideas. Wish you a merry Christmas.


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