Friday, December 24, 2010

We Wish You A Merry Christmas...

In the calm of a snowy evening, looking out over my white lighted tree which sprouts from a cement urn in my front yard, I take a deep breath, exhale, and softly acknowledge to myself..."it's here."
A peace finally washes over me as I realize (as I do every year) that the true joy is in that quiet moment... in that warm feeling, the pause that allows you to feel the joy of having your family all under one roof - to know that each and every face will appear at the dining table, that the dog will bark as family arrives at the door, and  that there will be difficulty hearing all the conversations that will surround the gift-opening sessions. For us all, there will be unexpected  moments to treasure: as you share dish-washing duty and discover your brother's hopes and dreams for the new year, or revel in the beauty of the Christmas dinner plates from your aunt that you lovingly hand wash because running them through the dishwasher just won't do. You'll see reactions on the faces of your nieces and nephews that remind you of yourself at their age - you stare intently into the flickering candlelight and for a moment remember your seventh Christmas celebration and exactly how you felt when you saw the tree in the early morning light. You might slice a big piece of pie at 1 a.m., when everyone else has given in to their bleary-eyed exhaustion, or take on the  tedious job of  rolling strands of silken ribbon around a spool to employ again next year.  

There will be, amongst those moments, true clarity - time to take stock, think, ponder, wish, pray, LOVE... for each and every blessing that fills your soul. It's crazy, really, that we must employ such stresses, pressures, overwhelming standards, and goals in order to fully grab and feel these moments. That within the styling and staging there is that fail-safe that will provide the clarity, the moment, the reason which perhaps shapes the rest of the days of this year and the launch for the days and weeks in the next.  

While I am engaged and engrossed in all things HOLIDAY throughout the year, it is still at this time (amongst the carols and craziness) that I long for these moments. When the relaxing exhale that reminds me that everything - not only within this microcosm, but also the year - will be "okay".  That no matter what happens in these few celebratory weeks, it won't be about the perfect wreath or pristinely wrapped gifts, but rather the smiles, embraces, thoughtful words, and memories that will shape my days until my next Christmas.  It is truly inspired that Christmas falls at the end of the year and only once amongst the 365 days, as it reminds us of how special and inspiring lives and relationships are to each and every one of us.

Christmas is the dawn of our recharge... the cleaning of the slate that makes way for something new. Here at  HOLIDAY it will be our hopes and wishes for a healthful New Year for our readers, families, and loved ones and the undertaking of a Summer magazine issue made ready in the coming months to help all of us SAVOR the season.
(Stay tuned in the next few weeks for a preview and all the updated information on how we will get this issue to you in a new, and experienced way.)  
For now, know that our hearts are filled with joy in having the support of this unique and creative community and we look forward to hearing, speaking and engaging each of you in the months to come.  We wish all of you a few moments of calming breaths in front of your tree and the clarity to revel in all the "good" in your lives.  Feel the moment, cherish the memories...  for the spirit of Christmas lives strongly there. 

 Merry Christmas!!


  1. Your message is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I can echo your sentiments even after my 53 Christmas seasons. I, too, will watch my family on Saturday and relish the memories of Christmas past, as I look forward to the future! We were blessed with our first grandchild this year so we will have an added dimension that we have missed as our children have grown older.

    Again, thank you for your words and your creative energy that adds so much joy and beauty to your reader's lives.

    Merry Christmas
    Laura Murrey, Milton, GA

  2. Merry Christmas!

    I have enjoyed reading my issue of Holiday so much! Just today, I curled up under a blanket next to our fireplace, and just savored the peace and quiet while browsing through the pages. Every detail is so beautifully created. I especially love the sense of family you all share.

    Blessings to you this Holiday Season!


  3. Wishing you a thoughtful, relaxing Christmas! You are a lovely group of creative souls! All good things in the new year.

  4. Over the farm is a mist -- pure of snow & wonder & hope. In this moment all is indeed calm, all is indeed bright.

    I wish you all the blessings of this season -- I know you will cherish it all.

    Thanks for what you have shared with us this past year -- looking forward to the next with you too.


  5. Beautiful thoughts. Peace, Love and Joy to you and your family.
    My almost two (New Years Eve) granddaughter Mabel was looking through Holiday last night. I will send you a picture.

  6. warmest wishes for a continued season of merry, healthy & yummy!


  7. Merry Christmas and a most wonderful year to you and your team! Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your creative ideas through this blog and Holidays. Your words and pictures help all of us create those memorable moments for years to come. Looking forward to your summer efforts as well!

  8. Lovely post! Hope you have a blessed New Year to come! Kellie xx

  9. You captured the spirit of Christmas.


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