Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Holiday Mascot!

 Meet Miss Gracie! 
She is the beautiful pup of Candace Greenway, who so graciously shared with us this beautiful photo of Gracie enjoying HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead. We think she has great taste and as Candace shares, "Gracie thinks that displaying your magazine alongside a gorgeous blonde will definitely be good for business - woof!"
We quite agree! 

(A big thanks to Candace and Gracie!)

Holiday with Matthew Mead is sold only via this website. 
Have you ordered your copy yet?


  1. I received my much anticipated copy yesterday (in perfect condition). You and your team certainly did not disappoint! This is the best holiday magazine I have had the pleasure of studying! I also love that you worked with a fellow Nova Scotian--Linda MacDonald!

  2. I don't know what is cutiest... the pup, the magazine or the two together. Off to look about ordering a copy.

  3. Too cute, how long did Gracie leave her festive hat on?
    merry Christmas,

  4. Oh everyone should have a gracie...wouldn't the world be such a great place?!! She is one smart pup!!! She knows a good thing when she sees it.

    Hugs for a weekend filled with JOY JOY and more JOY!

  5. Gracie is so darned sweet, great pic.

  6. Still waiting for mine also, Wednesday will be 3 weeks.

  7. cute : ) lovely picture.. i love it.

  8. Thanks for the special delivery Matthew. Of course it was mailed the same day my original copy arrived in my mailbox...kind of makes you wonder how many people read it along the way doesn't it?? I have passed the extra copy along to a worthy friend.

    Thanks again for your caring response.


  9. Thanks so much for sending me a special mailing of your magazine! My original one never did arrive. Love it!!!

  10. My copy arrived and I have been enjoying every page. Love it!

  11. i ordered/paid for my copy in september and stilllll have NOT received sad....emailed earlier today and have yet to hear anything...very frustrating....Christmas is only 11 days away and alllll fall i was anticipating my copy and the inspiration it would provide...instead, i got nothing!

  12. My copy arrived a month ago...What an amazing surprise!
    I can't stop looking at it!


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