Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Collecting Red...

I love all things red and collecting by color can be a fun endeavor when out shopping for gifts and
accessories. Dish towels, table clothes, even sheets all can be great surfaces for decorating beds, making pillows and sachets, or layering under foods or freshly made baked goods. I don’t always go looking for red
embellished linens, but I do pick them up when I see them. These red rice bowls are from my local antiques gallery. I loved the shade of red and use them often for anything I want to look fun and festive.
I saw these red candy canes at the supermarket and just loved the fact that they were monochromatic
and simple. I bought three packages and filled several mint julep cups with canes and evergreens to
dress up the dining table. String, twine, ribbon, cotton tape… all things red find their way into my gift wrapping closet. The old book came from a vintage bookstore filled with beautiful books.
I made these red spoons for photo shoots, spray painting old flatware with enamel red spray paint. The
drink shaker holds ice and milk punch with the sweet sentiment, “Ours.” I couldn’t resist its inclusiveness.

I guess I am "seeing red" this holiday season. 
What is your color crush this Christmas?


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  1. Oh my dear lover of red let me count MY ways...
    really you should take a sliver of your time and hop on over to facebook become my friend then snoop around my photos mainly the ones of the house and food celebrations....I think you will see in a heartbeat that I LIVE LOVE RED and pink...and family and fun thrown in with a dash of decorating and a sleigh full of collecting....I finally received my copy of Holiday and was DELIGHTED with the red WORTH the wait....
    PS I would like to add this disclaimer....I love living in Kansas but the CHALLENGE of the hearts desires is IMMENSE!!!! Flea markets are few and far between, auctions sparse, garage sales usually revolve around childrens this is a PASSION and pursuit that consumes my thoughts...
    Robin Allen

  2. it is always red with a splash of lime green! Happy Holidays!

  3. I agree with Susan. This year I'm definitely into red with lime green. It has a sort of whimsy to it.

  4. I'm thinking true green, which looks grand with white.

  5. I think this year I've veered into the pale blue and red/white territory. My daughter loves aqua and turquoise, so I have a new stocking for her on the hook--if only my 3 yr old would stop pulling back rows every time I have to walk away from it... or I would learn to stop leaving it lying around I'd finish it, too! :D

  6. red is my signature color! (anyone remember what movie that is from, except in the movie it's pink.) btw, i love red!

  7. so beautiful and I loved the Christmas magazine- I purchased one each for my darling girls!

  8. I am warming up to red more all the time. I like it best with alot of white. Beautiful collage.

  9. Pick me Pam, that line is from Steel Magnolias. Olympia Dukakis' character uttered it! :~)
    (couldn't resist answering that trivia question...!)

  10. Love all of your inspiration in red!!! Perfect color for anytime of year, but at this time of year it just shines!! Kathysue

  11. Red, always red! With silver for Christmas... teamed with grass green in Spring... paired with navy blue mid summer... or cozied up with brown come fall.
    btw, absolutely loved the magazine! I would love to see one for Valentine's day (red and pink...)


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