Monday, November 15, 2010

New Experiences and Old Friends...

 It has been a crazy few days... a real roller coaster. Yesterday was exhilarating - Jenny and I did a lecture at a beautiful, coastal garden-center in Exeter, NH, on how to dress the table and have fun doing so.
Churchill's Gardens is a charming garden center with the best grounds and out-buildings, fresh plants and greens, amazing ornaments, wreaths, gifts, and more.
We created many table-top decorations in minutes with all the beautiful and abundant supplies at Churchill's: A small, wrapped gift in special hand-blocked wrap makes a lovely gift on formal gilded dinner ware; a vintage silver tray is filled with fresh pomegranates, greens and white mums; a small potted fern in a new rustic pot is topped with a bird ornament as a table favor; candles grouped on a silver platter surrounded with nuts, pods, and fragrant spices with cranberries.
 I was honored to be asked to speak to over 30 guests and enjoyed not only the interaction and fast friends, but the engaging conversation and the real beauty of gathering with kindred spirits.
  In the crowd, my mother's cousin, Susan, whom I hadn't seen since childhood, and a dear old friend, Kathy, who has been living in the area for the last nine years and saw my name on the sign outside the store. 
Our friend Kathy (on the far right) worked with Jenny and me when we first met. She said she knew we were in love before we did... it was very exciting to see our truly wonderful friend.  She brought along her friend (left) as a guest and we were thrilled.
We visited, chatted, reminisced and sold out of the magazines that we brought with us.  It is such an amazing and wonderful thing to see your friends old and new and talk about the wonderful traditions and projects that bring people together during the holidays. And I made a new acquaintance, Anna Hardy Evans, and saw her store IN HOME :  An amazing collection of new but rare finds mixed with vintage, and very special furniture that Anna crafts herself from salvage... even fresh paint finishes that she mixes herself... a pure style inspiration that I thoroughly enjoyed exploring!
I also took Jenny to her favorite store, SERENDIPITY (where she shopped for the kids for Christmas), and I saw a great new mantra that I have decided to adopt as an everyday reminder:
What matters most...
How well  you lived.
How well  you loved.
How well  you let go.   
Great reminder... I needed that.
We hope your Holiday preparations are going well... savor every moment.  
 Holiday with Matthew Mead is sold only via this website.
Have you ordered your copy yet?


  1. Matthew, That is a great mantra. I think I will borrow it :) Hope you are well.

  2. I am so thrilled to have my new HOLIDAY with matthew mead magazine....I feel like my daughter with her new American Girl doll and I can't put it down...Wherever I go, so does my magazine...

    My mom and I had a store for over twenty years and closed it a couple of years ago....Closing was bittersweet- we still mourn the loss but celebrate so many gifts of having the experience not to mention all the friends and memories we made along the way....

    This magazine is the most excited I've been about something AWE INSPIRING since the days when I was setting up Christmas til the wee hours... The color stories, the quality of the paper, the breathtaking images, the "WOW" ideas for the season....Wish you were in Chicago- for now, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am pretty sure my holidays will be more merry and bright thanks to you! XOXO

  3. I feel that same way, savoring! I've been needing to update my own blog, & that's the thing I'm coming back to. Slowing down!
    I wanted to tell you my magazine made it to me, and I am thrilled! It actually came Friday when I was at a sale, when I got home I had to bake more bread for the next day's sell & couldn't do anymore than peek. But I took it w/me to my next sale, showed it off, & sold some for you lol! Love it!

  4. Hi Matthew
    Do you have a list of appearances you'll be doing for your Holiday magazine?

  5. I love when the mind and heart become one! Thank you Matthew :)

  6. I was just going to ask the same question as the above commenter! I love that I live so close to NH so I can hopefully attend one of your appearances one day!

    I received my copy of HOLIDAY and I looooove it!!! And it came in perfect condtition!!!

  7. Matthew,

    I received your beautiful Holiday magazine this past Friday. I was a winner of a giveaway contest over at The Cottage Nest...Jen Kershner's blog. I just wanted to tell you thank you and how much I love it! It is page upon page of beautiful things...I could hardly put it down. It arrived in perfect condition and it is just gorgeous!



  8. So sorry to burst the bubble. I had high expectations for HOLIDAY, and I'm disappointed. I've loved the Halloween mags, and expected more of the same - easy to read and lots of hands-on projects.
    My biggest beef is that most of the text is way to small to read easily. It may make for a beautifully -formatted page, but not very reader-friendly. The photos ARE beautiful, but just like every other magazine - I feel mostly left to my own devices to try to replicate. I've looked thru HOLIDAY several times now, and it just doesn't have the zip I expected.

  9. I can't seem to understand why so many people have received their copy of holiday and yet I haven't. I so wanted to give some recipes a try before thanksgiving (we are having a big thanksgiving party that will replace our Christmas party) there any way of making sure I was on the list? I received all my paypal confirmations right after I ordered. I'm just crossing my fingers that I will get it before thanksgiving but was starting to think maybe I was somehow left off the mailing list. Any thoughts? I'm so looking forward to it!

  10. Paige,

    Matthew here... the mail house said to us last week that it should arrive by this coming Thursday... if it does not, get in touch with us through or g-mail and we will get one to you in a fast way... every reader's happiness is extremely important to me... and I won't be satisfied until you have your copy in your hands. Best, Matthew Mead

  11. Matthew,
    Churchill Gardens and your projects look amazing. I would love to attend one of your presentations sometime. I have been a fan forever and look forward to getting Holiday by Thursday. I am being ever so patient!!

  12. Got mine today and it's in perfect condition!! Now waiting to see if the copy I ordered my sister arrived there too. Mine is lovely and I look forward to curling up with it and a cup of coffee on this rainy fall day!! Thank you!!

  13. Anonymous,

    Don't forget that all the templates and easy crafts are on line and you can download them.. all you need are scissors and five minutes to create our crafts... hope this helps as every reader's happiness is extremly important to me... thanks for your post... Matthew

  14. Thank you Matthew! Sorry to be so impatient...I just thought maybe I was forgotten. My whole desert menu is riding on your delicious recipes. ;) can't wait.

  15. Had to tell you I finally received my copy of "Holiday" today. It is beautiful. Can't wait to sit down and take a good look. There was a small tear on the cover, bottom right; I think due to the type of paper.

  16. Hi Matthew
    Do you have a list of appearances you'll be doing for your Holiday magazine?

  17. So excited but, still waiting. Ordered months ago. Hope it is on the mail!

  18. It sure sounds a wonderful day!

    : )

    Julie M.

  19. I still have not received my copy and I did order in the first group. Excited and still waiting!!

  20. I ordered mine in April, still waiting for it to arrive on my doorstep!!! If I don't have it by Thursday (11/18) should I email you??? I can't wait for it ;-)

  21. Hi Roberta,
    Thanks for your patience! Because the magazine only finished printing at the end of October, the pre-orders (which would include yours)did not go into the mail until November 4th. So, you should receive your magazine very soon. If you don't receive it by the end of the week, will you please let us know and I will have Jennifer Mead check on the order? There are still others whose issue was sent out but are still waiting, too.
    Thanks so much for ordering and we hope you enjoy it!

  22. I'm relieved that I am not the only one who hasn't received it yet! I'm so excited for it that it's almost frustrating!

  23. I posted earlier today that I still had not received my copy and guess what..... ta da it was in my mailbox today!!! I love it -- totally worth the wait. Thanks.

  24. I couldn't wait to get home from work today,i thought for sure holiday magazine would be waiting for me,i was so disappointed,i only live 1 state away don't understand whats taking so long!!Audrey

  25. I can not order one as your paypal page is not working.

    Hopefully it will be up later today so I can place an order

  26. I checked my paypal and it went through on April 2nd but I still do not have the magazine. Any ideas! It is 5:00pm on Monday Nov 22nd :(


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