Sunday, November 14, 2010

Need a Holiday gift idea?

Stephanie Nielson, our contributing lifestyle editor, gave us the head up about her beautiful new calendar which she helped design and is now selling on her website: The NieNie Dialogues.

Shares Stephanie: 
"  I have designed twelve whole months worth of love for your kitchen, bedroom, desk, office, or wherever you need a calendar. Fashioned exactly like banners from my blog, this calendar is 100% original, nothing you've ever seen yet...Everything on the calendar banners are of my collections, my pictures, my favorite trinkets, favorite flowers, and I want to share them each month with you.
This is my special gift from "Nie" to you! Merry Christmas!"
To find out more and to order, head here!


  1. Mr. Mead. I got my magazine in the mail on Friday. I can't believe how beautiful it is! It's like a book...not a mere magazine! I love it I love it I love it!!! I devoured it! Thank you!!!

  2. Thanks for the heads up- I just ordered a calendar!

  3. The magazine arrived yesterday. Even though a lot of it is not my taste, I was blown away by the beauty of the magazine; intrigued by the photos, and devoured every word before I could go to bed last night. Great job! Sally

  4. Still waiting on your beautiful mag... MAYBE tomorrow will be the day. :o)


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