Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Jenny and I were lucky enough to shoot SNUG HARBOR FARM in Kennebunk, Maine last week while working on a summer issue. Greenhouse after greenhouse of unbelievable plants and topiaries, beautiful storybook out-buildings, a yard of geese, and these precious miniature horses. I had a blast shooting all kinds of great container gardens and thoroughly enjoyed the gift shop... I am grateful for such a great job.

Here at HOLIDAY we have been very fortunate to be on the receiving end of so many kind comments, emails, and support from our readers and the online community, including our fabulous blog panel. We have also been extremely fortunate to have well-known designers and design bloggers like Holly from Decor8, Mary Engelbreit, Dee Foust, and Debbie Dusenberry from Curious Sofa help spread the word about our new publication. At times, though, we have found it challenging to reach a REAL PERSON moderating the large design blogs to ask them to spread the word about HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead. I know you all have experienced some degree of not being able to contact the real writer, designer, or blogger that you admire, for various reasons. Don't you just hate that? I have always strived to be reachable to readers. I visit your blogs, I love being asked to be friends on Facebook, Twitter, and believe it or not, if you call me at my studio, I WILL answer the phone and talk to you and listen to your feedback and suggestions. And that is because I believe in supporting one another and being REAL, despite the "virtual challenges" of meeting via the Internet or through the pages of a magazine. So, because of the challenges that we have faced in publicizing HOLIDAY, as a self-published magazine...I am asking for your help. We have taken on this route as a whole new way to deliver NEW ideas (with limited ads) and distribute the printed material - so assistance from all places is sooo very necessary! We would love to ask your help in being our town criers. We would be thrilled if you wish to help spread the word about HOLIDAY in any way you like (and we know so many of you have already helped us in that regard). And, as I mentioned, I am available to anyone: bloggers, radio shows, newspaper reporters, weekly shopper's news organizations, newsletters.... anyone who wants to reach out and help spread the word about HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead. If you want to reach me to set up a phone interview please call my studio 603-753- 4185 and we will be happy to set up a chat. Also, we will provide any and all images needed to accompany your stories. We are very happy to have such a global reach via our blog and are beyond thrilled to spread the word to and with everyone. We believe it is a large reach to a small and stylish world.



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  1. It is so refreshing to read this post. You are so personable yet so talented in your work. I am a nobody when it comes to blogland but I will do my best to spread the word. I can't wait to get my bookazine in the mail! Blessings to you and your team!!

  2. I am so happy to announce that I finally ordered my copy of HOLIDAY and I simply can't wait! Woohoo!

  3. Not sure if you follow the Cobblestone Farms blog in KY, but thought you might want to take a look, if you're putting together a book for summer. I would love to visit there. Here is the link. http://cobblestonefarms.blogspot.com/ In addition, do you know where to find a copy of your Halloween book from last year? I saw it in Wal-mart, and it was gone when I went back to pick one up. I would be a town crier for you, but I don't have time to post on my blog right now, but I do still read the comments. If I start posting again, I will be happy to mention this site.

  4. I wonder if you could have someone design a little postcard that could be downloaded and printed for those who go to sales and fleas in the next month? They could be available at booths n tables. Just a thought!

  5. You are awesome! I have always enjoyed reading anything you take part in. I am just a little old blogger, not well-known at all, blogging from my modest home north of Boston, but I would be happy to again mention your magazine on my blog! I do have your button displayed there, too!!!

  6. Word is getting out! That's how I found myself here! I saw you on too many blogs that I had to come take a peek & I am so glad I did!!! What a gorgeous AND friendly blog! Your book looks like a must, I am excited to be on the magic this year!

  7. Only a few hundred people (probably accidentally mostly) read my blog, but I'd be THRILLED to put up a post encouraging my friends and any random passersby to buy your magazine (mine has been ordered for a while and I am so excited it's to arrive in a couple of weeks!!). May I use an image or two from your blog (credited, of course) to illustrate??

    Also, are you familiar with Chez Larsson (http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/)? I'm going to comment on her blog for her to check you out, but it may be worth contacting Benita. She is a great lady from what I can tell, with a really clean aesthetic who might love to 'shout out' about your magazine. Worth a shot! I want to have a hoard of annual Holiday magazines and wish you great success in this.

  8. Dear Matthew~

    Your dedication and passion for crafting a beautiful life has always been one of the many reasons I have been a long time fan. Please know I will continue to "pay it creatively forward" and spread the word about your lovely new publication through Blogging, Facebook and Twitter. Congratulations to you (Jenny, Linda and Staff too) for following your dreams and showing us how to make ours "Holiday Special";)

    Blessings, Carol

    ps off to do a Tweet for you:)

  9. I just found you and I would love to help out in some way if you ever want or need food or recipes..

  10. This was one of the most charming and heart felt posts I've read in quite some time. Your genuineness comes through every word. In a world where everyone is trying to "be" somebody...you are just by being sincere. Thank you for keeping it real and don't be surprised if your phone rings!
    P.S. I'm adding your button to my sidebar for starters!

  11. You've got it Matthew! I'm even less of a nobody in blogland than Mandie but I'm happy to get the word out anyway! Your efforts are definately not in vain...I know people will adore this new venture of yours! Biggest blessings to you and your team! Also added your button on my blog.


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