Thursday, October 28, 2010

On The Rack...Holiday Style!

There has been some agony here this passing week. It is appropriate to the HALLOWEEN season as I feel like I'm on one of those torture chamber stretchers being pulled like a batch of taffy. Lots of fun, fresh and exciting opportunities via email, text message, phone calls, and a special seasonal project for Lowe's Home Centers... but my real focus is HOLIDAY and now waiting for all of those pages to be bound with the cover. It's like the smell of Thanksgiving dinner. You know its coming, you can sense it and see it, but it takes seemingly forever because of cooking, thoughtful preparation, and the arrival of your family and friends. I feel like its been weeks since the printing began. I became bonded with the print people and stopping there every two hours to approve the color. Now I am missing them (although they are on to other beautiful projects). I am a freshly-minted addict to the smell of ink and the powerful sounds of the print plates slamming the blocks of paper to create that indelible image. Yes, I guess I'm a print junkie looking for my next fix (hopefully that means a summer issue).

Like you, I've never seen it all together. Sure, I've had it posted on the wall, folded and stapled like a book, mini printouts strung like a garland above my desk... but there is magic when it is bound as a unit - like a finished book report or college thesis. That special moment when, in its entirety you say, "Here world, I give you my complete thoughts on this matter". Some projects have a life of their own - they plod their own way and you hold on like an inexperienced water skier travailing the chop, balancing, holding on for dear life. This is one of them. It's like a Independence Day fireworks show that you hope will explode in multiple profusions to be seen and enjoyed for miles around for over five minutes... for everyone.

The actual printing finished up on Tuesday. The pages are then folded and put into folios that are then shipped to another company 45 minutes south of here to be bound. Today I am on a mission to travel to that company to see this next step in the process. I am even hoping to get some of the first bound copies. Then, the issues are sent to the mail fulfillment company and they are in the busy mail stream on their way to you!

Let's make a pact. Once it arrives, give it your undivided attention - not just a fan of the pages but, rather, some quality time in nice light (with a cup of tea, coffee or hot cocoa) where you have some peace and quiet and room to really enjoy. Remember, this is a full magazine experience, and that just doesn't exist much anymore.

This gray monster is the style of giant printing press that created the pages of HOLIDAY. It is a fascinating mechanism. I am looking forward today to seeing the binding machines. And despite the inherent challenges I have faced these past few weeks, it has been a totally interesting journey experiencing the production side of this project.
Stay tuned tomorrow for a very special guest blogger:
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  1. Print production is fascinating. I used to do 4 color stripping and plate making by hand, and now it's all done on the computer! The fonts, the ink colors...well, it's a graphic designer candy land!

  2. It is fun to read how you are enjoying seeing Holiday come together. I am very much looking forward to getting my copy in the mail. And I promise to curl up on the couch with it, with a steaming hot beverage at my side!


  3. I am SO proud of you; what an accomplishment! Can't wait to see the "real" thing in my mailbox.

  4. OHMYGOLLY! I am SOO looking forward to the 3 copies I have coming!! One for me, and two as gifts~ I agree wholeheartedly with the "give it your undivided attention" much like a handwritten letter. You need to be 'settled' in a comfy spot with you favorite pet by your side snuggled in.

    "Holiday" was ordered as my "reward" for making it through Field Band Competition Season as a Band Booster, and well, this Sunday is the NYS Field Band Championship Competition and thus, my reward will be very timely. So looking forward to it ~ Thank You for your dedication and devotion to this, your labor of love.

  5. I can't wait to get my copy!!! So excited.

  6. Can't Wait!! I will be ABSORBED by it!


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