Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holiday Checklist...

Now that Holiday is only days away from being shipped out and mailed to readers, I thought it would be the perfect time to check my lists and answer a few commonly asked questions:

How do I purchase a copy of HOLIDAY?

HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead is sold via our website (here) and in a select few boutique shops across the country. But ultimately, if you want a copy or two it is best to reserve your copy now, because there are only a handful of boutique shop owners selling HOLIDAY in their stores. Don't miss out!

I am an international reader. Can I purchase a copy?

Yes; we ship anywhere in the world and shipping cost are included in the price. Again, head here to order.

Where can I find out more about Matthew Mead?

Head here to read about the many projects Matthew has been involved with and to read a brief bio.

Will there be many ads in the magazine, or worse, material we have already seen in other publications?

With 144 pages of holiday inspiration - featuring well-known and admired designers, bloggers and top-notch stories - and printed on beautiful paper, HOLIDAY is light on ads and heavy on fresh, NEW content. We consider Holiday with Matthew Mead part book/part magazine - a publication that you will keep from year to year and add to your collection of Holiday decorating, crafting, and cooking magazines and books.

I just heard about HOLIDAY. Is it too late to advertise?

Because HOLIDAY is currently in the printing phase of the publishing process (and will be placed on the hands of the post office sometime next week), it is indeed too late to advertise in the pages of the magazine. It is not too late, however, to advertise right here on our blog. We have affordable sidebar advertising, guaranteed to reach a large number of readers, and even more so once the magazine reaches readers' hands! For blog advertising rates please email us at

I have seen quite a few sneak peeks of HOLIDAY around the blogs and design websites. Has the surprise of what lies within the pages of HOLIDAY been largely revealed?

Absolutely not! While we have released some beautiful images as sneak peeks, what you have seen (for the most part), has been out-takes and images we simply didn't have room for. The best is yet to come, as the saying goes! We have basically filled 144 pages with fabulous content - beautiful decorating, delicious recipes, creative projects, entertaining ideas and lifestyle stories by talented artisans and bloggers you have come to know and love, like NieNie!


Holiday with Matthew Mead is sold only via this website.
Have you ordered your copy yet?


  1. I just ordered mine, excited is an understatement! I hope no one has a video camera in hand when it comes in the mail, cause I am pretty darn sure a somersault will happen. And lets be honest that will NOT be pretty!


  2. I just posted about it on my little blog! Can't wait to get my copy!!!

  3. I cannot wait... looking forward to opening my mail box and finding your beautiful magazine inside.

  4. I just ordered my copy, HOWEVER, as I was finalizing my paypal, I noticed that my OLD address is where it is going to be sent....How can I correct this to my NEW address?

    Lou Cinda


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