Tuesday, October 26, 2010


For those of you who love a multitude of typefaces and the gracefulness of beautiful fonts, look no further then HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead... We have taken great pains to include many different type styles in creating this very special issue. Graphic designer and art director Stacey Willey was at the helm of font selection and I have been amazed at how thoughtfully she selected such beautiful and complimentary types to enhance the imagery. "I've used more type styles in this volume than any other magazine I have worked on," she exclaimed in a recent email, "and I love them all."

HOLIDAY isn't just a magazine of style and ideas - it is truly creative with multiple layers of design just waiting to be discovered. I liken it to that box, in a box, in a box, gift that has the ability to be enjoyed at every level. And it is packaged just for you: with a kaleidoscope of colors, a range of decorating styles, and easy, but special, craft projects that you will want to do.

 HOLIDAY, simply put, was made with a great deal of love and created just for you!

Like an old book, I thought for posterity's sake it might be nice to name the fonts that the entire magazine is set in. Below are the names and the stories they relate to. Each detail of this project has really been a thoughtful exercise in timeless lasting design..I hope you enjoy discovering each of them for yourself!
Affair- The main script

Belizio - The chunkier serif used for Cookie Directory title, numbers throughout the book, and in folios.

Benton Sans - The slim sans serif

Fiona Script - The "Holiday Unwrapped" script; also used in a few other places with NieNie.

Parfait Script Pro - The really fancy script used in Angels, Ever Green, Gifts of Nature, Red & White Delight

Humanist 521 - Cover font

Fernando Forero - Frames and brackets font for Story Book,

Mecury Display - Main serif for body copy & sidebars

Mr. Blaketon - Cover script

Zebrawood Fill- The chunky flare/carnival font used in A Sweet Life

Remington Weather - Used for old school numbers in Ever Green

Holiday with Matthew Mead is sold only via this website.
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  1. love stacey willey's designs. it was what first struck me about the first issue of FMS -- the playfulness but appropriateness of it all. go stacey!

    your fan, elyse

  2. Now this gets me excited!!! I am a font gal...Stacey is amazing...can't wait to see the results. coco

  3. Beautiful... I love when you give the name of fonts used in case I'd like them for myself!

  4. You have us drooling as we wait for this wonderful book!!

  5. I agree... there is just something about fonts that always grabs my attention. The bold or fine-lined, the simple or ornate, color or black and white. They quietly or boldly ask us to "pay attention".
    Can't wait to see them for myself!


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