Monday, September 20, 2010

Time Passages...and a winner!

The clock is ticking for all of us.
For our readers, it's in a very good way because in a very short time you will be receiving HOLIDAY in your mailbox! For all of us working feverishly behind the scenes, we are (happily) and frantically finishing up the nitty gritty details of the photo shoots, layouts, credits and sources. Most everything is due to the printer this coming Friday and then we will begin the process of the visual "tweaks."

But, there is more to be done; and while I am so looking forward to seeing the first issues come off the press and into my hands and toasting to our new and fully involved endeavor, I am still shooting, styling, moving furniture and editing.


(another mock cover...the real cover is under wraps!)

How do we package it all up... say what it is that we want to say in a visually stimulating package? The stories inside will mesmerize, I promise. It is colorful, fresh, and I think you will see something new and different that you have never seen before. Everything is stylish but easy, accessible, fun and inspiring. It is entertainment contained in a magazine that puts its best and most stylish foot forward.
Oh, and the paper quality and the colors and the fonts and layouts...they are top notch! Honestly, it is the most beautiful treasure I have ever worked on, with the most supportive, talented and smart team that just keep going and going and going!

Can you sense my excitement?!

Making HOLIDAY has proven to be (by far) the most rewarding and different magazine producing experience. While I shot and produced 90 percent of FLEA MARKET STYLE magazine, I didn't have the final, final say on the outcome. But, this project is strictly mine; I am at the helm, and I and my creative staff have such fun and beautiful features in store for you. It is so exciting, fulfilling and fun and it is definitely our gift to you.

And we are quite certain it is a gift you will love!



Now to announce the winner of the Tippy Stockton jewelry give-away.
A big congratulations goes to Lisa of Lisa Russell Designs.
Please email us, Lisa, with your contact details!

Holiday with Matthew Mead is sold only via this website.
Have you ordered your copy yet?


  1. I'm looking forward to its arrival in my mailbox!

  2. I am getting soooooo excited for the day this GIFT appears in my mailbox.

  3. I can't wait!! So excited for it to arrive.

  4. Drive up County Road R...there's my rural mailbox with egg basket attached.
    Open it.
    Not yet.

  5. I am excited to melt into my reading chair with "Holiday with Matthew Mead". I want to ooze over the photography and ideas!!

  6. Thank you so much - I am so glad I won! I emailed you my info. Thanks again! I am SO looking forward to my book-a-zin!

  7. Looking forward to the magazine!
    love the white server too!
    Congrats to Lisa!
    *I need to put your blog in my sidebar blog roll!
    ...don't want to miss another update!

  8. Can't wait for my copy in the mail! I already have your "Monster Book of Halloween" and "entertaining simple" so I know the holiday issue will be fabulous!

  9. I'm so excited! We're having a baby at the end of October (and were married this past December) and I am so looking forward to setting our own traditions... with your inspiration of course :)


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