Friday, September 24, 2010

On the cover of a book-azine...

(Another mock cover!)

Matthew sent those of us on Team Holiday a little surprise the other day.
An email from Matthew, addressed to the entire team, is always full of promise. His emails can range from a letter expressing his thanks and pride for all of the work we do, a new layout fresh from Stacey's drawing board (her emails are always fun, too), or a fun link like the one he sent yesterday from a favorite movie.

But his email on Wednesday beat them all.

Enclosed was his much awaited cover choice for HOLIDAY. Choosing a cover is never easy, and so much thought goes into it. Matthew, however, has a certain gift for creating best-selling covers. In fact, the majority of best-selling covers for Country Home magazine were produced by Matthew. And of course, he created the cover for Flea Market Style 2010, and we all know how well that sold. :-)

So, will I give you a hint of what cover you will find when HOLIDAY arrives in your mailbox next month?
In a word, no. But I will tell you it is graphic and beautiful and festive without being over the top. We all love it and are excited to share it with you!

If you are looking for some other great reads this fall, keep your eyes out for a recent cookbook released earlier this year by Associated Press food editor, J. M. Hirsch - sure to be a best-seller. Matthew designed the cover and shot the more than 100 delicious images in the book. 

And check out this gorgeous pumpkin cover he shot for Southern Living magazine:

Now, we would love to hear what draws you in to a magazine cover and compels you to buy. Is it the tease of what stories lie within, or does the cover image itself do all the work? We like to hear your thoughts, so comment away!



Holiday with Matthew Mead is sold only via this website.
Have you ordered your copy yet?


  1. How very cool!! I can't wait to get mine in the mail!!

  2. I think I react first of all to the colours, then the images. I like a seasonal feel to the cover shot. And I like story teases that are a bit mysterious - not like "50 Ways to Lose Your Lover" etc. which tend to be just lists.
    But that's just me.

  3. Definitely the colours of a cover draw me in, then I notice the image (and this is huge) because if the colour or images are in any way not right, like yucky colour combos, or not a nice serene scene before me I won't bother. The image for the southern living magazine up top is making me think " I want that look, I am going to search this book for some good ideas!" Lastly, I will read the cover to see what can be found inside, and if it has anything to do with decorating I am interested! Especially if the cover looks so great, then I can't wait to see what else there is to find!

    Enough from me though;)

  4. I am a color lover first, then the aesthetic of the overall picture and mood they were trying to capture or emotion they were trying to excite. It is a complete package.

  5. Just can't wait to see the cover...because for me it is not what is only on the inside but what grabs me out the outside...I will always buy any magazine if I like the cover!!! Really packaging 100% sell this gal. xoxoxo

  6. Definitely the cover image draws me in. That alone is almost always a deciding factor as to whether to buy it or not. If the image doesn't draw me in the words won't make the difference.

  7. This may be a mock cover, but I sure like it! Can't wait to see the real deal in my mailbox!

  8. A cover definitely draws me in. I absolutely love the Southern Living pumpkin cover! Up til now I've put off placing an order for the Holiday book. I know the real cover is under wraps, but somehow I think seeing it might make a difference if people actually saw the real thing. I can imagine the orders would start rolling in! :)

  9. Creative photography always draws me in...I will look at all the photos in a magazine first looking for something I've never seen before and read later.

  10. The covers are wonderful! I'd love to see that recipe {high flavor...low labor} ! Love fettuccine or the wide lo mein noodles!
    I think the pumpkin cover is one of the best autumn covers I've seen so far!
    Beautiful ~ can't wait for Holiday...

  11. I love good design, and everything about Matthew seems to equal covers I fall in love with!

  12. the cover image itself sells me!!!!

  13. For me it's the image! I rarely even read the words on the cover, just notice whether or not the image grabs my eye.

  14. The cover says it all for me...brightly colored with a cozy room or beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Always love a nice contrast of background to what lies in front of it.

  15. I just ordered! Cannot wait to get it! Matthew & team thank you for all the work you do! We notice! And we love it!

  16. I agree with the majority... it's really the cover image that gets me. I rarely even read what the words say. It's all about a fabulous image that draws me in.
    Thanks for creating lovely images for us to be inspired by!

  17. My first job was as a designer for Southern Living. Magazines got in my blood way back in 1994. Beautiful cover Matthew!

  18. For me it's the cover. The richness of color, does it entice a mood or memory? Is it something visually new and yet, still old world enough to evoke a sense of coziness... Something that speaks to me and says, "I want that in my house!" :-) Love your images!

    ~ Deb
    Possible Impossibilities Studio

  19. The photos on the cover for sure. A unique spin on the holiday is always an eye grabber.


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