Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Giving it all Away!

Sharing sneak peeks of the upcoming HOLIDAY issue is hard for me, and Linda often wants to post more glimpses into the creation of the magazine than I am sometimes willing to give. I guess I like the big surprise part of the process - sharing everything once it's compiled into a very fresh, cohesive, finished that hopefully becomes a permanent part of your holiday book and magazine collection.

The production of HOLIDAY has been both exhaustive and exhilarating. This is the very first time we have had control over every aspect of the magazine. The results will shine through for sure; but the trade-off is so many time-consuming details while still juggling the production of many, many other projects. As many of you know, I hurt my back this summer, and it is perhaps a metaphor for the kind of pressure that this entire project has brought to my level of sanity. It is back breaking.

But what worthwhile endeavor isn't?

While we are nearly finished the shooting part of the project, and although many of the stories and layouts have been completed, it is the work that I have yet to do that is concerning and a bit scary.
It will all get done for sure, but the road to completion is a bit mind-boggling and overwhelming.

So, what have we been up to?

So much!

There are features on crafting things with candy, lots of recipes for foods that are easily portable, shareable and giftable. There are modern takes on Christmas decorating, updated traditional settings, fresh ways to streamline and simplify and truly enjoy your friends and family. There is lots of color - great decorating ideas that you can apply to any time of year - and recipes that you will want to share and make over and over again. We have cookies and cakes, cupcakes and candies, wreaths and stockings and wall decor. New ideas for trees and decorating and beautiful and inspiring features on people, families, friends. So many talented style luminaries will be sharing their ideas, their memories and what they are longing to do this holiday season.

In a nutshell, we've traveled, battled the heat, packed and unpacked, iced cookies, baked a Christmas pie, roasted vegetables, dipped, rolled, sprinkled and festooned. We've engaged new color palettes, vintage items and everyday objects re imagined as Christmas decor. We've got angels and Santa, mercury glass and paper crafts. There are roses, mid-century modern furniture, table settings, ribbons, homemade cards, gift ideas and so much more.


This week we will:
1. Shoot the winner of our HOLIDAY house tour contest.
2. Complete a story on a red and white Christmas.
3. Finish shooting the ideas provided by our talented panel of bloggers and hopefully get around to shooting some holiday ideas at my house.
4. We will discuss cover possibilities, shoot contributors portraits, talk to Stacey and Linda and Sarah and advertisers, the printer, and construct Etsy ad pages. We will finalize recipes and words and sentiments and take it all one week closer to what it should be: a marvelous holiday style guide to shape your celebrations in a beautiful, inspired way!



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  1. Oh my...I'm exhausted just reading all of these details :) I wish you some quiet time & peace (come November!) after putting this baby to bed. I am certain that it will be glorious! Thank you for putting so much energy & creativity into this issue...can't WAIT to see it!

  2. Can't wait for my issue, these tidbits excite me!! Bring it on!
    Carol in GA

  3. I need a nap! But how can one sleep with all this excitment rolling around in ones will be amazing. Thank you soooo much for all your backbreaking work...and please take care of that back my friend. oxoxxxo

  4. ...AAhhh hoping your back is mending...but thank you for the endless job of making this magazine for us! My mind is spinning thinking of the amount of work you have to do!...very excited to recieve my copy!

  5. So exciting!! Can't wait to see the final product! I know it will beautiful! ;)

  6. I am so looking forward to receiving my copy. It sounds beautiful. You should be so proud.

  7. What a great (albiet little) peek at your Holiday Magazine. This looks like something I would love to see. Before we all know it the Holidays will be upon us... so we need to get organized NOW!
    Wonderful to stop by today.


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