Monday, August 2, 2010

Under the Covers...

(fyi: another mock cover!)

Consider yourself warned:

Matthew just shot the most incredible romantic-floral take on Christmas: wallpapers and fabrics in soft, faded vintage florals, chippy, painted furniture in both fresh pastels and deeper hues like pure lilac, fiesta-ware blue-green, and deep pinks; vintage ornaments; and roses upon roses - all photographed against unexpected backdrops that will  appeal to both the junk lover and the romantic enthusiast. 

For those whose tastes lie in a more clean, modern young aesthetic, there is plenty of that in store, too. Expect homes boasting mid-century modern furnishings, lighting and imaginative artwork. Nothing cold and austere, but spaces from which you will glean ideas that can be adapted to whatever your style - a fresh take on modern that has a touch of pretty. The issue also features homes and features representing the best in Country style: rustic, vintage, cottage-style. Holiday has it all! In fact, Matthew takes great pride in the fact that HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead has something for everyone. Although the focus is on the holidays, there is also page after page of decorating inspiration, entertaining, cooking, baking, gift-giving, inspiring families, creative shop-owners, bloggers and artisans. All holiday colour palettes have been explored: pale aqua, cool silver, snowy white, shimmery gold, traditional reds and greens, non-traditional green, pinks, earthy hues, and more. And a generous serving of glitter..because what are the holidays without a little sparkle?!

Watch for more sneak peeks in the days and weeks ahead, including the announcement of who won the Holiday home contest! 

HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead will be in readers' hands in three short months!! 

Have you reserved your copy yet?

If not, head here!


(blogged by Linda MacDonald)


  1. Oh Linda...what a lovely write tugged at my heart so much I just ordered ANOTHER copy...can never have too many...right..can't wait to see what the cover will look like...this one is AMAZING!!!! Romantic Christmas...soooo dreamy! xoxo

  2. I can't wait to see all that is in store.....

  3. Can't wait for October...wishing my life away for a magazine!

  4. Yes, I have...and I am so looking forward to seeing it! I hope ya'll are having a beautiful summer!

    : )

    Julie M.


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