Friday, August 6, 2010

Our HOLIDAY home contest winner!!

After sifting through a huge pile of entries: stacks of photos of beautifully inspiring homes, heartfelt letters and creative packaging, we kept coming back to one particular entry that spoke to all of the criteria we were looking for and that we all felt would truly offer a unique decorative element to the magazine that our readers would appreciate. 

But it wasn't easy, you can be sure of that! 

There were so many amazing home photos sent to us and many cries of despair that we could pick only one (144 pages fills up quickly!)

So, without further ado (and because we know you have all been so patiently awaiting this announcement), we are pleased to reveal Christine C. of Rhode Island as our winner.

Here is a sneak peek at what won us over on choosing her home:

(Told you it was just a "peek." You'll have to buy the magazine to see the real story!!)

And here is an excerpt from the letter Christine sent us:

Matthew and Jenny agreed, and share with you their reasons for choosing Christine's lovely home:

"We love that the home is a 100 year old farmhouse with an updated appeal. It is a house filled with light and airy colors and is filled with a collection of unique furnishings that speak to the owners' love of travel and for balancing different genres of design and making it work. We also are excited to collaborate with some of the talented artists at the renowned Rhode Island School of Design during our shoot. (We couldn't pass up that serendipitous opportunity...Christine's home neighbors the institute!)"

We will travel to Rhode Island to shoot the home in early September, just in time to meet our publishing deadline. We also wish to thank EVERYONE for sharing your beautiful homes with us and we have put many into a file to review for future consideration for our upcoming magazine ventures. It was a joy to see so many homes lovingly decorated and we loved that the photos offered glimpses into the individuals and families who live within the (well-decorated!) walls.

Thank you everyone, and a big congratulations to Christine!!!
 (blogged by Linda MacDonald)

HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead will be in readers' hands in three short months!! 

Have you reserved your copy yet?

If not, head here!


  1. Looks like a fun home, looking forward to October. Also walking around the RISD neighborhood is a favorite walk of mine, it will be fun to try and guess which house it is!

  2. hooray for christine and hooray for rhode island!
    {that's where i am, too!}


  3. Great pick...this home looks amazing..can't wait. xoxo

  4. Wow - sooooo pretty - my favorite colors! Even if you didn't pick my old farmhouse I can tell I'm gonna love this issue. Can't wait to see it all. Thanks for the opportunity to play along and dream. You inspire always!

  5. This sounds like the perfect pick. I used to live in CT and drove to this area often. I'm going to love seeing that beautiful scenery once again! You chose well!

  6. So pretty ~ This room has a very serene feeling to it ~

  7. Ooo! Congratulations! Such a gorgeous home and such a beautiful place to do a photo shoot. Can't wait for the magazine!

  8. That's awesome for her.....but what about any runners up! Who was very close??? Would love to know....



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