Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blazing sun, lots of humidity and we are planning a winter wonderland at Linda's house in Nova Scotia - a trip that will take us 11 hours in total to complete on Saturday! Once there, and hopefully in a cooler climate, we'll go about decorating the house, a tree, twisting her kids' arms into putting on wool and cashmere...all in the name of showing how they spend their very special holidays together.  Of course, everyday life has been throwing in its share of challenges these last few weeks: trips to Boston with Oscar to help him better manage his pain; our trusty van that we use for photo shoots has been in and out of the shop for weeks with $2500.00 dollars in repairs; a broken water heater, crashed computer and demanding (although lovely) clients wanting every minute of my time. Hey, it really does sound like the holiday season, doesn't it?  We have so much to do in the next month and a half - shooting, writing, designing - lots of things to pull together, evaluate and edit down!

Today alone, I worked on:
Ordering colorful ornaments, meeting with a cookie and cupcake designer, taking Oscar to acupuncture, shooting a story for HGTV, decorating a tree for our five designer tree section and gathering props to bring with me to Linda's house - just in case. It is a lot and it is overwhelming. But, it is also fun and grand and so rewarding. Stay tuned for a preview of HOLIDAY in the coming weeks and also our Gardening magazine for February. You will get an exclusive and colorful preview here and it is all even better than you can imagine... 
 ** A few modern vintage items I've collected all summer to jazz up Linda's color palette. Let's see what she lets me get away with!!??

Have you reserved your copy yet?


  1. I love your vintage pieces! Love them! I passed up on a vintage 1970's radio that would have matched your tea-pot this weekend. The owner was an absolute grouch to me & everyone else at his sale & wouldn't budge on the price. However, I haven't stopped thinking about it...the loss went both ways!

    Hopefully, you'll have time to relax at Linda's and I'm looking forward to meeting you and your wife & enjoying a nice dinner out at the end of a busy day!

  2.'ve gone and done it. Was so trying not to be excited about the holidays being that it's in the 90's here with very high humidity. You always have the best props, too. Linda and family are very fortunate to have you working your magic.

  3. Sounds like Joy to me. xoxoxo

  4. Oooo, so excited to see it all! Posted about you today!
    I just mailed you my pictures... Problems like yours in getting them out so they're not great shots, but I believe in your vision & magic ways.
    Can't wait for more Holiday updates.
    Good luck to all of you and best wishes to Oscar!

  5. Like Leslie, I just got my photos off... hope that doesn't add to the stress, but here's hoping my facebook post and blog will generate even more interest!

  6. it's all in a day's work for ...




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