Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Holiday...coming soon!!

As the Fourth of July lies just around the corner, I am thinking of all of the wonderful ways to celebrate it. Parties with friends, festive parades, fireworks, picnics and barbecues. As Jenny and I decide how we will spend the holiday, I thought I would dig around in my photo archives and share a little of what I have done in the past. I hope you enjoy my ideas, and please let us know how you and your family are planning to celebrate!



  1. Love your blog! We celebrate the 4th in Creede, Colorado. A quaint old mountain mining town. They throw a fabulous parade and lots of "fair like" food. We come back to our cabin on the river and play old fashioned games and BBQ. The evening wraps up with an amazing fireworks display with the purple mountains majesty in the background. Who can beat that?

  2. I have always loved your style.
    We will have the traditional cook out. My husband is a veteran and I am hoping the local Veteran's Memorial will have his name on it, by then, so we can view it. We ordered it on Father's Day. Lezlee

  3. I adore the first image...the 4th of July has always been admired by me.. so patriotic..I have visions of sweet homes all decorated in red, white and blue...sunshine and backyard BBQs.. {in Canada we celebrate July 1st..but nothing like you do on the 4th} ENJOY!

  4. We have a French foreign exchange student staying with us through July. Never before have I put so much thought into how we are going to celebrate. I hope he'll enjoy his first Independence Day in the USofA!

  5. I want to use a few of your ideas (sans blue) for Canada Day. You are so inspiring.

  6. Our town has placed an avenue of American Flags on all the major roadways into and out of our town, plus on our overhead bridge--they look so gorgeous waving in the breeze! The town hosts a fireworks display out at the municipal park for all to enjoy! My mom and I will spend it quietly at home this weekend, but in two weeks, "our soldier boy" will be home, and we're throwing a big bash to honor his service as well as a birthday party for a precious two year old, who will be visiting briefly from NC on his way to the beach with his parents, my daughter--I'm having a Porch Party for the family, we'll decorate in red, white and blue!


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