Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet things are made of this...

Have you ever had an experience that is so pleasurable it stays with you and has the power to make you smile whenever you think of it? That is how we feel after our trip to Arizona to meet Stephanie Nielson's family. And although Stephanie, who is recovering from surgery, will be photographed later for the feature, she provided a winning recipe for a beautiful HOLIDAY feature and some great memories for us and, hopefully, everyone involved with the shoot.

So, what goes into such a sweet recipe?

Well, some careful planning, happy enthusiasm and the following ingredients:

The great team at Smeeks:

Georganne (the owner of Smeeks), Brendan and Cassie. They were all so sweet and accommodating!

Some really cute kids:

And enough adults to keep things under control:

(including Stephanie's best friend, Lindsay J. and her adorable little blondies)

Linda, our child wrangler:

And the fabulous Mr. Nielson, who did a great job organizing everything as everyone's sweetheart, Stephanie, continues to recover in hospital:

(Jenny, me, Christian and Linda)

A huge thanks to Stephanie (our favourite contributing editor), Christian and their undeniably cute children, Claire, Jane, Oliver and Nicholas; Georganne and her team; Lindsay J. and her children Livvy, Avrey and Baron; Christian's nephews Cal and Jack; Reachel Bagley for her excellent restaurant recommendations; and the wonderful staff at the Hotel Valley Ho.

Good times, and you will see lots of Stephanie in the magazine...but you will have to buy a copy to see for yourself!

**Stop by on Wednesday for more behind the scenes details of our Arizona shoot!
**And check out Linda's post about the shoot.


Have you reserved your copy yet?


  1. what an inspiring family they are!

    Love the backdrop of Smeeks too :)

  2. Gorgeous! Can't WAIT to see the Holiday mag. It's going to be amazing.

    And, Smeeks?! Don't even get me started.

  3. so cute!!!!
    can NOT wait to see the finished piece

  4. What a great post! Thank you for letting us all have a peek and for getting us ever MORE excited about the feature in your upcoming magazine {is it possible to be MORE excited? I am counting the days until it hits the newstands and my mailbox} Happy week to you ALL!

  5. They have such an amazing and inspiring story. Thanks for sharing

  6. That blondey up front with the red hair bow is SOOOOO CUTE! Way to go Lindsay for turning out some super cute kids! (Of course we all love the Nielson's, but I had to comment- she is SO pretty!) I would love to do a family session with them someday!

  7. How fun, I love holidays, all of them!

  8. where o where is Steph? I can't wait to see the finished photo shoot! :)

  9. Would love an apron. Spending time cooking with a fun apron just makes it seem a lot more fun cooking and feeling cute while doing it. After all the time cooking, it is such a reward to sit down as a family and eat together, laugh, and enjoy the holiday spirit.

  10. Wearing a fun apron would be great while you are getting the meal ready to share with family and friends. Sitting down together and eating, laughing, and sharing in the Holiday Spirit!


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