Friday, June 18, 2010

A Family Affair...

As Matthew and Jenny juggle way too many projects this week (BHG, Dove, Wegmans, HOLIDAY), I am picking away at writing my stories for the magazine - sans the actual layouts - while answering multiple emails, spreading the word about our exciting new contest, and winding things down school-wise with my kids as summer rolls in. The HOLIDAY team are all prepared for a hectic summer of shooting styling and producing (Matthew and Jenny), designing (Stacey) and writing (Sarah and I).

Luckily, to the rescue have come two very talented young women who share more than just genes with Matthew and Jenny, but also talent, enthusiasm and creativity mixed with the energy of youth!
Matthew and Jenny's daughter, Renee, and their niece, Emilie Ash (Matthew sister's daughter) have joined ranks as valued contributors to the magazine. And rest assured we are all entirely grateful for their contributions!

(Emilie tidying up after a day spent shooting and styling at the studio)

 As Matthew was "in the field" today and Jenny held down the fort at the studio, Emilie happily photographed her own feature for the magazine. Emilie, who just graduated from high school and is now off to study photography at a school in Pennsylvania, has a natural affinity for capturing an image in a way that tells a story, and offers dimension on so many levels. Matthew is proud of her enthusiasm to lend her talents to the project and is so excited to see the fresh perspective she captures with her camera and styling.

Boasts Matthew, "My niece, Emilie, is an outstanding young lady and I am proud to witness her developing talents in the field of photography and styling. They say it runs in the blood, and after working with her … I believe that is absolutely true. She inspires me, and I really believe that if she wants a career in this field, it will happen for her."

Having just completed university, Renee begins studying this fall for her M.B.A. - with a specialization in mass communications and media marketing - and her interest in both have proven invaluable as Matthew and Jenny break new ground with this self-published "book-azine". A top student, Matthew and Jenny fairly burst with pride when discussing her and look forward to seeing her career bloom in the direction she chooses.

All I know is, I am very happy to have someone with very smart brains to pick when I have questions about marketing and advertising!

Indeed, it seems this blood-line is rich with talent, drive, and could even say, It Runs in the Family...!!
We are off and running!



  1. Cool, how exciting for the young ladies, and how exciting this is for you, as well. I can hardly wait. I save all my Christmas Mags. Lezlee

  2. How wonderful to share your passion with family. Now....y'all can share a little talent too so don't hog it all. ;0)

  3. Oh she sounds amazing....just think of the possibilies that lay ahead of her....I can hardly wait to see her feature...I will be looking for it. xoxoxo


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