Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Christmas in Arizona...with NieNie!

Yesterday was a long day of travel, but we met up with Linda in Detroit and are now preparing and loading the car for our first day of shooting. It is very exciting to be sure and we can't wait to get over to SMEEKS to get started! Our boxes arrived safely, filled with props, and we found a local grocery store for some extra supplies. The Hotel Valley Ho has been extremely fun, stylish and accommodating and we have felt very special and catered to. Many of our shoot trips have been stressful, but this one is different. We have been looking forward to this one just being fun and dreamy and letting it all unfold naturally. We are so luck to be here and have this opportunity to work in such a beautiful locale with so many wonderful people.

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  1. Oh enjoy your time...can't wait to be inspired by you some more. Have fun at lucky are you! Do you think that is what Heaven might be like??? xoxo

  2. glad all is going well! Lezlee

  3. Wow, sounds amazing can't wait to see it! ~lulu

  4. I just read Stephanie's blog, she had another surgery according to Christian. Are you doing this shoot without Stephanie?

  5. Yeah! Can't wait to follow along!

  6. Hi anon,

    Because Stephanie continues to recover and is facing obstacles along the road to recovery, we will photograph her later and we will "shoot" the rest of her family now. She will also have another surprise feature in the magazine, so her stamp will be find throughout the mag!

    We will roll with the challenges and continue to pray for her that she gets back to her home and beautiful family asap!


  7. So glad that you will be able to feature her when she is better.
    Will you update on here as well. I don't Twitter.

  8. So sorry to have missed you today- Hope to have the chance to meet you both next time! Hope it is a wonderfully successful trip! You are going to all of my favorite places too-

  9. where, oh where, did you find that leica camera blown glass ornament? i collect blown glass and love photography and would love to add this to my collection!


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