Monday, May 24, 2010

A Sneak Peek for Advertisers!

We have received many questions about what the ads are going to look like in HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead. As you know, HOLIDAY is not going to be a magazine stuffed with ads; rather, a limited number of ads will be sold and all ads will be set beautifully into the pages of the magazine while remaining affordable to small business owners, artists, online shop owners and hand craft artisans. Our ad space is limited due to our readers' desire for lots of editorial content and a departure from magazines that are overloaded with ad pages. We hope to strike a nice balance and offer readers fresh advertising that complements our multi-faceted features. Now, there aren't many spots left, so read on about our contest - and if you want to see your product or business featured in this section, then simply email Jenny Mead at  

We also realize that buying advertising can be an unknown process for those who have never purchased print advertising in a magazine before. This section will show off your information in a fun and creative way. All information will be presented in a visually superior way, and all the pertinent details will be sharp and all details legible. The price? $300 for a business card-sized ad and we can't wait to share how uniquely beautiful this ad feature will be!
As an added bonus, all advertisers will be put into a lottery and ten advertisers will be drawn to have one of their products photographed and featured. If you win the opportunity to show off your product, then it will be arranged in a beautiful vignette that looks more like a shopping page than an ad. The mock ad page, below, shows what the ad will look like for the ten advertisers who win the chance to have their craft or product featured within the pages of HOLIDAY.

In addition, from those ten advertisers, one artisan will be selected for a full page photo opening for this special section. 
Again, these spaces are open on a first come, first serve basis. The contest results will be posted within 24 hours of the spaces being filled.

Good Luck!


**For more information about our Occasional Sales ads head here, and to purchase an ad and/or inquire about rates, please contact Jenny at


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