Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Opening the oven door...and revealing our cookie contest winners!!!

It is a grand thing that it has been cool here in the northeast.

Our Magic Oven has been pumping out all types of delicious cookies to show off in the forthcoming HOLIDAY issue. We've got dozens of rolled, dropped, thumb-printed, twice-baked and drizzled cookies. There are all kinds of icings, spices, exotic toppings, as well as nuts and preserves and, well, I could go on and on! We have literally turned the studio into a bakery and our clothing smells like we've been fraternizing with the gingerbread man. It has all been a treat and we have enjoyed every minute of it. (Especially the extras, which we pack up and gift to the firemen and women next door, the auto mechanic across the street and our many friends and family).

It was difficult narrowing down the dozens of entries we received, so we have decided to up our list of winners to 15! We wish to thank those of you who took the time to enter our contest and share your, and your family's, favourite holiday cookie recipes.

Now, we are happy to announce that the the following people, and their winning cookie recipe, will make it into the pages of HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead:

Debbie Smith

Sarah Bradford

Lizzy Reschke

Angie Zino

Kris Gilbert

Laura Phelps

Veronique Deblois

Janet Dubuc

Lisa Bisson

Tina Wheeler

Angi Carlston

Maggie Grussing

Olivia Newbery

Grant Matthews

Mary O'Brien

Congratulations everyone! And we can't wait to share your winning recipe with HOLIDAY readers in our upcoming issue!


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