Friday, May 21, 2010

A few secrets revealed...

Do you make lists?

Does a chalkboard or calendar keep you on track with appointments, events, special occasions?

 I actually keep a lot in my head - more than most people, probably. Yet sometimes, especially this summer, I really need to write it all down to keep myself on track.

The hectic schedule stretched out in front of me has led me to have to walk away from some commitments.

Thus, I would like to share that I will no longer be editing FLEA MARKET STYLE.

I have instead chosen to move on to new projects where I can fully take the lead and unleash my creativity. These new projects bring me much joy and I am so excited I can barely sleep at night. And I need that sleep because it is a busy time! Indeed; Jenny, Linda and Sarah are so busy with our new projects that they have had to opt out of Flea Market Style, too. However, a second issue of Flea Market Style, with Ki at the helm, is currently being produced; and we very much look forward to seeing the finished product next year!

Looking ahead, I am fortunate to work with a team which I know will result in spectacular results - with each team member bringing dynamic talents to the mix. Jenny, Linda MacDonald, Sarah Egge and Stacey Willey  are as excited as I am in for what lies ahead in 2010 and 2011! 

And this is what we are working on:

1. NEW MAGAZINES: While I am heavily focused on HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead, I am also producing and shooting two other titles for early 2011. When approached by a publisher, I couldn't pass up the chance to conceptualize and produce my own work, so we are feverishly shooting in season a beautiful gardening magazine filled with engaging ideas for plants, flowers and herbs mixed with our own signature FLEA MARKET panache. So, lots of vintage planters, furnishings and ideas with all the gardening things you love.
The third title is one I can't yet reveal; but it involves expanding our DECORATING statements with all the elements that are distinctly Matthew Mead. So, we are embracing what lies ahead and we are happy that you will not only have a second issue of Flea Market Style to enjoy next year, but also some great new reads that will help fill the gap left by the closure of so many of your favourites

Stay tuned for more!

2. A BRAND NEW PRODUCT LINE featuring beautiful and useful items for entertaining. Fresh shapes,
updated styles, and time honored pieces reproduced from the collection that I have built over many years and used time and again to celebrate my friends, family, special times and milestones. It will take over a year to bring to life, but the possibilities are endless and my vintage inspirations will lead the way.

3. TWO NEW BOOKS... one with a familiar subject and one using current technology to aid you in all of
your decorating dreams. Fun, full color, fresh with ideas that open up many new ways to create,
style and embellish your personal space. Linda and Sarah are each at the writing helm of these individual books.

4. REALITY T.V... well sure, why not? But sans the whining and personality clashes. Instead, decorating challenges, how-to projects, and sources - with quality ideas and style that you will want to replicate, try, maybe even join in on. Joining me will be other amazing style luminaries with experience in color, collecting, fabrication and so much more. It will be my magazines come to life... the pilot starts shooting this summer and hopefully by next year you will be happily watching along!

It is a full plate, for certain, and there will be no need for seconds. But with Jenny, Linda, Sarah and Stacey it is an opportunity of a lifetime that I can't resist.
Please join us!



Have you reserved your copy yet?


  1. Sounds like a lot of exciting projects lined up! I myself am looking forward to the new gardening magazine. Love to use unusual container for plantings.

  2. ooooh. Sounds so exciting. Thanks for sharing, now I am getting anxious! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. Now that is what I am talking about!! I was just re-reading my signed Entertaining Simple book and thinking to myself...Matthew should have his own line of dishes and linens! I am sooooo excited to see your new Holiday magazine as well as any other magazines you are working on. Love all your stuff!!

  4. OMG, I am so excited for you and your team. You have worked so hard and always been an inspiration to me and now your star is rising and I can't wait to see all these projects come to fruition. Congrats!

  5. WOW!!! You are busy!! Congrats on all the new things you are doing!!! I know you will do great!

  6. ooh how exciting! I am totally game for the reality show if you need subjects :P

  7. exciting!! Congratulations and all the very best for your new ventures. By the way, thank you so much for mentioning My Dream Canvas on your blogroll. I am really touched and very thrilled.

  8. Wow, that sounds so amazing!! :) Congratulations & can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

  9. bless your hardworking heart! it is making me giddy with excitement yet exhausted just hearing about everything in the works...good luck and keep all us blog buddies up on your goings and comings...

  10. Wow!!! I'm so impressed with all of your exciting adventures!! Can't wait!

  11. I'm a gardener, so I sure look forward to that one! And I like whimsy in the garden, so I know you will have that. Loved the first magazine! Can't wait for more of your inspiration.

  12. Oh my goodness wonder you need your sleep...these are all so exciting! I am one of your biggest fans so will be waiting for all to come I keep saying the possibilities are go have a quick nap! How do you do it?


  14. How exciting for all of you! I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful new endeavors come to fruition!

    Kat :)

  15. I am so excited for all of you in this new venture,No doubt it will all be ah-maz-ing!!

  16. Sounds exciting, all of it!!! I can't wait for your books, a tv show too....hmmmmmmm how fabulous!
    Margaret B

  17. Hmmm, I think you're right you might need to Write all your projects down! I am happy for you and really excited about the T.V. show; I used to love to watch, but all they seem to show is real estate shows... I've followed your work awhile now, so I know I will love It! Lezlee

  18. Congratulations. I look forward to seeing everything as it comes to fruition

  19. Wow! You are very busy. Cannot wait for the Garden Magazine and the reality show.

  20. So many absolutely lovely for you! Congratulations to you & your team...will be anxiously awaiting all of the new projects :)

  21. Wonderful! Thanks for letting us in on the "secrets". I am so excited for you and the whole team. I will eagerly await your project to come to fruition.
    Enjoy and celebrate each moment of the journey!


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