Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Dash of Experience...


You wouldn't let your auto mechanic bake your wedding cake, right? Indeed; and when it comes to making a magazine you really want people on your side that have been in the trenches. Enter some new contributors to HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead plucked from the vast talent pool of the MARY ENGELBREIT WORKSHOPS held last week in St. Louis.

I LOVE EXPERIENCE and I know it and feel it when I talk to people, hear their stories, imagine myself in their shoes and vice versa. I've spent 15 years in this business, and when people share their war stories it is bonding and connective and endearing... in a word, kindred.

Enter two lovely and talented style luminaries:

Debbie Dusenberry from Curious Sofa (read her blog post about our meeting) made the trek just to meet me and I was absolutely taken with her talent, creative direction and ease. I was even more amazed at dinner to hear about her years of experience, her time behind the camera shooting and photo styling... her ability TO SEE images before they are composed and her love and passion for the final product. While the talent pool is much larger due to bloggers (all with their own talents), it is different when you have had the opportunity to work in print media, hone your craft and know style as second nature. IT IS EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE and that, teamed with talent, provides MAD CREATIVITY like that possessed by Debbie. It took no time for me to see it and that is why she is designing something special for HOLIDAY.

Equally talented and inspiring is  Dee Foust ,who edited BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS wedding issues for several years. You'll all remember those irreplaceable volumes of beautiful and inspiring ideas that provided great ideas and art for weddings and beyond. She came to the M.E. workshops as well, and of course I have been enamored for years with her beautiful creations for Bethany Lowe designs. Just knowing her history and work ethic, her passion and dedication, her EXPERIENCE in all things magazine made me realize how relevant her style is to HOLIDAY. She, too, will provide a very special project to our pages.

Jenny, Linda, Sarah, Stacey and I are dedicated to bringing our vast knowledge and experience to the pages - creating something thoughtful, lasting and well edited - a true heirloom that you will turn to over and over again for great ideas, recipes and crafts. It is our EXPERIENCE, and that of our contributors, which will ensure a publication filled with all you ever wanted to make this holiday (and many more) truly special.
Have you reserved your copy yet?


  1. This just makes me even more excited to see what such creative minds will come up with! Lezlee

  2. Debbie in particular is a bright light in the world of display and design. Her blog is my go-to "eye candy" when I have a good hour to indulge, a hot cup of tea, and it just inspires me to get something created! What a great team member!

  3. Amazing additions to your magazine, I am a BIG fan of both! This publication is going to be truly special!

    Best wishes,

  4. Matthew~ I am so glad you connected with my talented friend Deb. She is a shear genious when it comes to styling and attention to the smallest aesthetic detail. Cheers to you Matthew for continuing to follow your dreams and surrounding yourself with creative visionaries who share in that passion.

    Always a fan~Carol

  5. I love Debbie's style , every detail is just beautiful.

  6. Gulp. A big hug is in order for this post. I cannot wait to see what we do together! and also thrilled about Dee. I met her at the workshop for the first time too! Thank you my new friend.

  7. Isn't Deb remarkable? I'm lucky to call her a friend.

  8. I have carried Dee Foust's wonderful whimsical creations in my store since opening and have become such a fan.I also know Debbie through blog land so am excited for both of them. Congrats!

  9. Matthew,

    Just by the post, I am now convinced your taste is truly the best! ;-) Debbie has what it takes to take it to the next level. I've worked with her and seen her creations, and she never disappoints. Hope to meet you someday - you seem to just do and do - which makes the rest of us happier and happier.... :-)

    thanks for sharing,


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