Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Winning Purchase!

Congratulations to Renee Dahl, who is now faced with the fun task of choosing which prize she would like for winning our give-away. Renee, take your pick from the prizes in the post below and shoot us an email with your contact info!

As for everyone else, stay tuned for even MORE prizes and give-aways. We appreciate each and everyone who purchases a copy of Holiday with Matthew Mead, and we intend to show that appreciation often!



  1. Aw shucks it wasn't me ... Congrats to Renee!! : )

  2. Congratulations to Renee...we all win for we all will have your lovely copy of Holiday with Matthew Mead in our hot little hands. xo

  3. Yay for Renee! She's a lucky reader.


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