Friday, April 16, 2010

There's Something about Mary...

I am on a countdown to a magical journey, and not just the one that you are joining me on in creating this holiday magazine. Soon I will be off to meet a luminary of the design artist who has achieved in her craft, succeeded in publishing and brought millions of people together in one focused effort to engage our creativity. If I had a bucket list, this would be on it; and while I am very honored to be asked to participate as a teacher, it will be me who is attempting to learn and emulate and spread the word about how creativity and imagination are truly the two greatest gifts in life.

Whom am I speaking of???

Well, Mary Engelbreit of course!

Her very name brings a smile to your face. Her style and design engages the senses and simply and happily brings people together. I am one of those people and I could not be happier to go and meet "The Queen of Everything."

In fact, we've exchanged a few interesting e-mails.

I am excited to share that I have asked Mary to create something very special and unexpected for HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead, and my intent is to charm her with my charismatic personality and seal the deal. You'll never guess what we talked about...but it will be most fitting for someone with her title. Now, you can still join us for these amazing workshops. Follow this link  to find out everything you need to know to join me at this event.



  1. seal that deal, baby! rock on.


  2. Mary..she has always been my inspiration. These workshops sound to take a peek.

  3. I love her and saved all her Home Companions...They never go out of style!


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