Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Special Opportunity...and NieNie!

As an artist or crafts-person, have you ever lamented the high cost of print (magazine) advertising, yet all the while knowing it is the best way to get the word out about your work to your targeted audience? Well, Matthew Mead recognized this obstacle and vowed to make advertising in Holiday a tangible opportunity for all.

So, what is Matthew offering?

Holiday with Matthew Mead is offering a very special advertorial section just for hand-made artists and Etsy shop owners.

This feature section will advertise products primarily using business cards (think the business card section in the early issues of VICTORIA magazine). A business logo, tagline and online shop address will be listed in each ad.

As an added bonus, all advertisers will be put into a lottery and ten advertisers will be drawn to have one of their products photographed and featured. From those ten advertisers, one artisan will be selected for a full-page photo opening for this special section.

These ads are open on a first come, first serve basis and these 45 early-bird slots will be sold for $300 each.
So, please hurry and secure your ad. Your ad will be beautifully presented and will be part of one of the most anticipated holiday magazines of the season!

How to secure your ad? Please contact Jenny Mead at newjenny@aol.com


And now, a little more info about NieNie's feature:

A focus on real life and real traditions is what drew me to the NieNie Dialogues and wanting NieNie to be a part of our very special upcoming HOLIDAY WITH MATTHEW MEAD. In early June, Jenny, Linda and I will travel to Arizona to meet Stephanie Nielson and begin to capture some of her very favorite Christmas traditions with her family and friends, as well as some of her amazing shopping hot spots in the area. It is always exciting to travel to a new city and new space and see traditions freshly interpreted through someone else's eyes. We've been pouring over ideas - noting NieNie's great style in her past posts - and thinking, thinking, thinking about ways to wrap up her holiday so that when you open it, all will be special and unexpected...just as Christmas ought to be. We have a very special location in mind for this all to unfold, so please stay tuned and follow along with us as we plan for this exciting photo shoot!



  1. I'm so glad you are doing this for us Etsy merchants - thank you - and fantastic idea - can't wait to see who wins!!

  2. I cannot wait to read about NieNie and her beautiful family. She and her husband are such inspirations. When I think I am having a bad day, I just think of them.

    What a great idea for us ETSY shop owners and artisans. I would love to have my name added in for the drawing. My etsy shop is viewable from my blog.

    Have a happy spring day!

  3. Hi what a great opportunity! Does it apply to the U.K.? I have an ETSY shop but live in England.

  4. Such a wonderful idea...I remember those calling card pages in the older Victoria magazines. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of your upcoming publication...it will be amazing.

  5. Awesome! Love Etsy, love NieNie...look forward to both :)

  6. Something to think about! Thank you!

  7. Christmas in June with Nie Nie - we're envious Matthew! We have to wait until Holiday comes out to enjoy it. Will you promise to post a few teaser photos?

  8. I think this is an amazing idea. I look forward to the featuring of Nie since she is loved by soooo many of us!

  9. Love NieNie. Love your idea. Love all your stuff

  10. I am visiting for the first time (from NieNie's) and one thing really jumped out at me: I love that you put advertising price right up front. In all the time I've blogged I've wondered 'how much do ads on websites COST'? No clue. And it always seems awkward to inquire without even knowing a ballpark number. So, thank you for that!

  11. she is special---i'm glad her traditions will be featured.

  12. I will miss the first issue for an ad, but hoping that you'll have this feature in each issue.

    I am looking forward to seeing your feature on NieNie and her family.

  13. Can't wait for this feature. And, I'm so excited that you are including Etsy merchants in your advertising section!! Go Handmade!


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