Friday, April 2, 2010

Join us for a Creative Summit?

Shopping and crafting and travel, oh my!!

 If I can make a magazine with the help and support of you all, then I can certainly create a magical long weekend where we can come together to enjoy all types of amazing lifestyle experiences! Just as WillieWonka opened up his factory for a tour... you will have a backstage pass to the launch of HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead, participate in a special shopping extravaganza of our secret sources, and enjoy food at some of our favorite haunts. Now NYC seems the optimal place to hold such an event: the millinery district, Tinsel Trading, ABC Carpet and Home, just to name a few, and the timing would be late October or early November (perfect for gathering all of those special, one of a kind things for the holidays). Now, because I am still in the research and planning stage and looking for your input and reaction, I am open to taking this gathering to any great city in the country. We would offer a package, all inclusive, (except for air travel) and a very special launch party to send HOLIDAY with Matthew Mead into the world with a real bang! So let me know what you want - what activities you want to partake in and where you would like to meet up for this magical weekend away. And, of course, there will be prizes all along the way that just might find you joining us as our very special guest!

Are you in?

Be sure to enter our amazing give-away contest for a chance to have your blog or online shop featured in Holiday with Matthew Mead. The winner will be drawn Friday evening and announced on Saturday.

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  1. That sounds like sooooo much fun!!! But living in Boise, ID and with FIVE little ones, well, have fun!!! And I will read about it!!

  2. I think that's two votes for the beautiful Pacific Northwest! : ) What a wonderful opportunity. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it!

    Have a lovely Easter weekend.

    : )

    Julie M.

  3. Hi Matthew, I am still hoping we can do a project together. I am voting for NYC of course, the pulse of the nation, the heart of the home is New York! Where else would you give it? Please enter me for the opportunity to be in your magazine with my blog!


  4. Hi Matthew,
    I would love NYC but as I live in Northern Canada, maybe somewhere in Canada....... Calgary, Vancouver? I am sure it will be a huge success where ever you host it!!! It is a fabulous idea!
    Margaret B

  5. whoops forgot to give you my blog address:

    check it out!



  6. Just popped onto your lovely blog through sweet Koralee. I love love your yellow mosaics, so so sweet! Sending many special Easter wishes your way.
    Have a happy Easter weekend! xo

  7. Matthew!

    I have a marvelous suggestion. Seattle! That's the heart of the Pacific Northwest and it looks like some of us northerners are just ITCHING for an awesome event that we can travel to! Besides the amazing scenery and the water, there is plenty of talent residing here. I'm actually working with a friend to start a summer even in Montana called The Vintage Whites Market, and we'd love to help out if Seattle ended up being your place of choice. Let me know if I can convince you even further.. ;) Crossing my fingers!


  8. Oh, even if I can't go... I will dream... sounds sublime! Lezlee

  9. Love your blog...what a fun time that would be. Happy Easter.

  10. Sorry...I forgot to say where you should visit...Seattle would be lovely!

  11. I love this idea! Although I live in Idaho I am game for and locale! Can't wait to find out!

  12. My vote is for NYC. There are so many wonderful places as you mentioned. It's a city that has it all.

  13. That would be amazing! And NYC would be great!


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