Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Honourable Mention...!

Thank you to everyone who took part in our give-away (a mention in Holiday with Matthew Mead magazine)! This give-away was the first of many, and each will hold a different appeal...with the grandest prize of all: a full-fledged feature in the magazine which will find us coming to your home and photographing it (and you!) for a special Holiday feature in the magazine!!

(but more on that LATER!!).

For now, we would like to offer you our warm thanks and appreciation for helping us spread the word about this beautiful magazine! And the winner of our very first give-away?

Well, our congratulations are extended to Mary at Little Red House!!


Now, stay tuned to our blog next week for even more inside peeks at our plans for the magazine and MORE great give-aways!!

By the way, have you reserved your copy yet?



  1. Congratulations to Little Red House from The Little Red Shop!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. Congratulations Mary, how exciting!
    Margaret B

  3. How exciting, Mary... I'm not waiting on the feature, I'm heading over right now! Lezlee

  4. just stumbled upon your new blog...SO EXCITED about your new venture!!! I LOVE all your amazing publications!! (was just enjoying the Easter egg one last evening)
    Best wishes! and Many Blessings!

  5. OMIGOD, I WON??!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so excited that Little Red House will be mentioned in Holiday with Matthew Mead, and I can't wait to see the magazine which I'm sure will be loaded with beautiful things!

  6. Congratulations Mary!! This is going to be a great Publication!!

  7. Love your first magazine Mathew I got Margo to post one out to me in Australia been read from cover to cover, it made me want to hop on a plane & fly to the USA to go to all your wonderful markets!

  8. I just watched your video on I loved it you have such a sweet spirit of gratitude- it is contagious. I'm not so big on the whole blog thing, but will love to follow you! Have a blessed day.


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