Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Holiday Cookie Party...a guest post by our featured blogger, Kim of Today's Creative Blog!

We are happy to begin introducing our Holiday blogger panel to you, and what better way to help you get to know them better than to have them share a Holiday tradition or two via a guest post? Kim from Today's Creative Blog is our first Holiday guest and one of the first bloggers we thought of when assembling our panel. Kim features a new blogger almost daily on her blog and openly shares their talents with her readers, all while injecting her signature humour. Kim is the resident "nice girl" of the blogosphere, spreading only glowing stories about those she encounters, and has even launched the followings of a few well-known bloggers - though she would be modest and scoff at that! If you don't already know Kim, be sure to stop by and visit her. She loves to hear about (and feature) new, talented bloggers!

Now, enjoy her Christmas cookie party!

Once upon a time there was a young mom (me) who organized a cookie decorating party for her two year old son.  She invited her three good friends who also had young children.  Little did she know, a new tradition was born that chilly December afternoon... 

Every year we all look forward to gathering for our yearly tradition. Because we all live in different parts of the city, and each have hectic schedules, it is sometimes the only time we might all come together.  In fact, we just celebrated our 7th annual party (with the exception of a couple of years missed due to winter storms).

This past year, I decided cupcakes would be a fun twist. I placed all the necessary decorating tools within reach of the children:

The kids quickly got busy. They love catching up with each other and trying to compete for the coolest decoration.

The moms quickly gather in the kitchen to catch up. Sometimes we include the dads, but not always. Decorating cupcakes is serious business!

We've been doing this long enough now that the ones that once needed help, are now helping the younger ones.

After the cookies or cupcakes are decorated, we gather all of the children and take an annual photo.
It can be difficult to get them to sit still after all that sugar!

It’s hard seeing your babies grow up, but it is easy to create good memories. No matter what the season, creating a new tradition is always good...


(blogged by Kim Demmon of Today's Creative Blog)


  1. Aww! Traditions and family are great! Funny, I posted about Christmas today, Too! Lezlee

  2. Kim sounds amazing....thanks Kim...Off to pay you a visit. We have our traditions we would never give up...with all this Christmas talk happening I feel like I need to go bake a batch of gingerbread! Hugs for a great day. xo

  3. Just popped onto your lovely blog through sweet Koralee. Off to pay a visit.

    Have a wonderful day! xx

  4. What a fun tradition! The warm, loving memories created are what it's all about! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I just love Kim! She always has such great ideas, but also shares other bloggers with us!
    Thanks for sharing Kim with us :-)

  6. Kim, Kim, Kim ~

    You are the best. A true "cheerleader" for the blog world. Thank you for always sharing your creative spirit in such a generous way.

    By the way, I still owe you a "tomato cage topper"! Hopefully this will be the year that your tomato cages have tops!!!

    Great Post!

    Smiles ~ Ramona


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