Monday, March 8, 2010

T'was the team behind Holiday...

T'was some months before the holiday and the team was on break,
Searching for inspiration and testing some cake.
Jenny and Oscar, both with a sigh,
Unfurled ribbon and said, "CHRISTMAS, Oh My!"

Matthew was scheming, his laptop in hand,
Planning and plotting and making merry his band.
"Finally, our own magazine!" he exclaimed with pure JOY.
"It's like Christmas each morning with a new shiny toy!"

When all of a sudden, the internet in a flurry,
Came an email from Linda MacDonald, tinged with some worry.
"Writing and organizing, and keeping the blog, wrapping and glittering and making yule log.
I've got the speed of an elf and am working from home,
With everything Holiday, I feel like "Restyled Gnome!"

Then, in the Midwest there arose such a clatter,
Stacey and Sarah mixing the Holiday batter.
"Writing and designing is much like the baking,
And we'll be making dozens and dozens, so they'll be plenty for taking" 
"I'll add the flour, says Sarah with thought, "I'll sprinkle sugar if Stacey forgot."

"I'll do the icing" says Stacey with glee.
I'll make it all pretty, just you wait and see...
I'll watch the time and flip everything over,
So the pages are fresh and delivered in October."

Lovingly bundled with sugar and spice,
It will arrive via post and all will be nice.
And know in your heart and hear in your ear,
You'll make the difference, if you want it NEXT YEAR!

(written by Matthew Mead)


  1. Awesome!! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  2. Clever, witty and inspiring!
    Love the poem!
    How fun to watch all this unfold!

  3. Love, love, love the energy of this creative inspiration... and have long been a fan of Matthew Mead!


  4. This is perfect!!
    My very favorite time of year!!

  5. what an AMAZING looking site! the perfect combo of colors. a JoY to visit!



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