Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When I first started out in business nearly 20 years ago, I dreamed about the milliner and ribbon district of NYC. My first trip there in the late 80's helped me to uncover a world of embellishments that were known predominantly to wholesalers (and to only a few "regular folk"), and at the very top of my list: TINSEL TRADING COMPANY and its years and years worth of amazing European trims, ribbons, buttons and metal fabrics that all had a priceless vintage air about them. I liken it to uncovering something amazing at the flea market and wanting to shout it from the roof tops -or using it in a name-dropping situation where you might say, "I got that on my last trip to Tinsel Trading." Today, in its 21st century incarnation, Tinsel Trading has grown and morphed to become an absolute mecca of design inspiration and fulfillment. Yes, it has ribbons and buttons and all the amazing fabrics and trims from yesteryear, but also many other hard-to-find specialty notions that make you want to plug in your glue gun and get to work...!

So, as I've been planning this issue and DREAMING is such a big part of it, I called Marcia (who I have become friendly with) and asked her (in a shaky voice), "Would you let us feature you in our new HOLIDAY magazine?" Well, seconds seemed like minutes and then, in an excited and engaging voice, she answered, "YES." Well, I was so very pleased; and since this is a year of making DREAMS come true, we decided that when we see each other at the Mary Engelbreit workshop we will plan a spectacular SPECTACULAR for the HOLIDAY issue.
Thanks Marcia for making my year!!


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